Mother-of-seven, 41, who gave birth nine weeks ago has terminal cancer

Mother-of-seven, 41, who gave birth nine weeks ago following a ‘healthy’ pregnancy reveals her devastation at being told she has months to live – after ‘a chest infection’ turned out to be terminal cancer

  • Mother-of-seven Samantha King, 41, gave birth to daughter Lilah nine weeks ago
  • However, she was diagnosed with terminal cancer just weeks after giving birth  
  • After visiting GP with a chest infection, Samantha has been told she may now have just months to live after being diagnosed with advanced lung cancer
  • Her eldest daughter Kyra has launched a GoFundme page to raise money for the family to be able to pay off the mortgage – with donations of £15,000 pouring in

A mother-of-seven who gave birth just nine weeks ago has revealed her devastation that her new baby daughter might not remember her – after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer just weeks after giving birth.

Samantha King, a former nurse from Tredworth, Gloucester, was told she has advanced lung and breast cancer after she was given scans when antibiotics failed to clear a ‘chest infection’ just two weeks after she gave birth to Lilah. 

Her eldest daughter Kyra, 24, has spoken of the family’s devastation after her mother was told she could have just months to live after undergoing radiotherapy and immunotherapy – and they’re now raising money so the family won’t lose their home. 

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Samantha pictured with her partner Craig and five youngest children, from left : Lexi, two, Lilah, nine weeks, Libby, 10, Logan, five and Lacey, 9

Samantha pictured shortly after giving birth to her daughter Lilah. After visiting the doctor with what she thought was a chest infection, Samantha has been told she may now have just months to live

After initially trying to just raise £1,000, the family have been inundated with goodwill, with their total now hurtling towards £15,000 in donations from kind strangers.

She said: ‘I just do not know how mum is managing to stay so positive, she is amazing. Mum was fine all throughout her pregnancy. 

‘I am a carer and she has been helping me with my three children. We have always known mum to have a weak chest but we were not expecting that news.’

Kyra, along with older brother Nathan, 26, are Samantha’s children from a previous relationship while she shared five children, Libby 10, Lacey, nine, Logan, five, Lexi, two, and Lilah, with partner of 11 years, Craig. 

Her eldest daughter revealed that her mother decided to stop life insurance on the family home two years ago, meaning the family would have to continue to find a way to pay the mortgage when Samantha dies. 

The mother-of-seven says her worst fear is the family losing the home they have made so many precious memories in (pictured with son Logan)

Of the devastating news that she now only has months rather than years to live, Samantha posted on the GoFundMe page: ‘I was hoping for a different outcome but it’s now time to give my children some last precious memories.  

‘Unfortunately baby Lilah will never remember me but on the plus side she’s not going to hurt like the rest of them and for that I will be grateful.’

She added: ‘The thought of them being uprooted from their family home after I’ve gone absolutely terrifies me.

‘It may seem like just bricks and mortar but this is where our memories were made, this was a family full of joy and laughter and its hard for me to comprehend that because of me being I’ll my children’s lives are going to cruelly change.’ 

Samantha and Craig, who are currently not married, say they hope they’ll be able to walk down the aisle soon.  

Click here to donate to Samantha’s GoFundme page  

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