Mrs Hinch took a break from renovating her £1.1 million Essex farm house to take a trip to her local The Range store with her two year old son Ronnie.

The author, 32, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, shared the trip with her 4.4 million Instagram fans telling them she’d been looking forward to the trip for a long time.

“I’ve so been looking forward to this The Range trip guys! Feels like I haven’t been here in so long!,” she told fans.

She showed off her son’s helpful side as she took a snap of him pulling along the store’s trademark orange basket. She added: “Ron loves pulling the basket.”

Sophie took her followers down the cleaning and laundry section of the store, stopping as she picked up some of Minky’s M Cloths.

She told fans: “I’m never going to resist a trip down the cleaning aisle am I! Best part.”

Next she came across Spontex’s Microfibre kitchen kit. She shared her excitement by saying: “I haven’t been able to find this pack of cloths for so long.”

Shortly after, the author spotted a limited edition fabric softener from Lenor to coincide with the Spring.

Opening a bottle and giving it a sniff she told the camera: “That smells good.”

“That smells so good. My mum would love that, she loves a limited edition.”

“This is the spring edition. I’m going to get it.”

Alongside the limited edition fabric softeners, Sophie added a box of Bold’s Spring edition laundry pods.

The day at the store was complete with a helpful Ronnie unloading the shopping for the till.

“Ronnie loves to help so much. He definitely wanted a go on the till.”

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