A woman took to Mumsnet to hit out at her sister-in-law over some flowers she bought her for her birthday.

However, many slammed the woman herself for using the post to 'brag'.

The post saw the woman brand her sister-in-law "passive aggressive" over the flower she bought for her birthday.

The woman said that her relative apparently knows that she only has white flowers in her garden.

She she was annoyed that she didn't stick to the colour scheme.

The lady took to Mumsnet to moan about the situation, as she fumed: "Sister-in-law bought me a large pink camellia for my special birthday.

"She absolutely knows that my garden only has white flowers in it.

"We've just finished renovating a property and landscaping the garden.

"She met with me to have lunch at garden centres several times too when I've been sourcing plants, she's helped plant some as well, so she's entirely aware of my garden aesthetic."

Continuing, the mum added: "The reason I assume it's passive aggressive? Well it's a bit of a long-running difference of lifestyles.

"She has two daughters, I have three. S

"he brought hers up with a very feminine approach, mine was always anything goes, but I have an aversion to pink and frilly, so I minimised the 'girlies' of my daughters' attire and lifestyles over the past 20+ years.

"We've never clashed over it, but she would always imply her way was the correct way to bring up girls. I never promoted my style or commented on hers.

"So I think the pink plant was a subtle dig. I've received it gracefully and potted it up and it's on my patio glaringly out of place.

"Would I be unreasonable to move it to my other house, perhaps next year?

"The garden is a riot of colour so the plant will fit in beautifully there. I will also be moving to that house when I retire, so I'll still be able to enjoy the plant in the future.

"Would this be inappropriate?"

However, instead of talk about the sister-in-law, many people said they thought the woman had 'used the post to brag about her second house'.

One wrote: "I think more sympathy would have been given had she only the one house!"

While another added: "'My other house' – gosh, such struggle."

A third chimed in: "The whole point of this post was to let readers know that she has two houses."

While fourth said: "God I wish I had the kind of life where this is the only thing to complain about."

A fifth then added: "[tiny violin intensifies] at 'My other house'."

Do you think she used the post to humble brag? Let us know in the comments section…

The post comes after another Mumsnet user hit headlines last week over a dating woe.

The mum admitted she was considering blocking her date as he joked about farting – and many agreed with her.

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