A body positive mum has opened up about how she struggled with her body after someone pointed out her cellulite when she was just 17 – but has now declared the texture as “normal”.

Gemma-Leigh, 27, boasts 11,000 Instagram followers and often shares self-love oriented posts to encourage her fans to embrace their bodies too.

The mum-of-two, soon to be three, believes in food freedom and opposes dieting – and appears to be incredibly happy for it.

Among the smiley snaps of her page, Gemma-Leigh likes to strip down to her undies to flaunt her gorgeous figure.

And, in a recent post, this is no exception.

The curvy parent stood in just her black undies to embrace her cheeks in all their glory, along with her natural skin texture.

As she posted a series of booty snaps, Gemma-Leigh declared: “Texture is normal.”

However, the mum has not always been so confident about her body.

In a lengthy caption, she exposed how a remark in her teens made her cover her body to avoid showing her cellulite.

She urged: “It’s just skin, skin! Don’t let it stop you living life your way.

“I was 17 the first time someone pointed out my cellulite, and from that day on, it was just another part of my body that was wrong and needed to be hidden and fixed.

“Looking back, I wish I’d worn those shorts and those short dresses.

“I wish I’d relaxed my body and let it move the way I wanted to, instead of minimising my movements to prevent it looking 'worse'.”

Gemma-Leigh continued: “I wish I hadn’t wasted so much money on lotions and potions promising to 'fix' my problem area.

“And I wish I hadn’t given those peoples words the power I did, that stuck with me for ten years of my life!

“Butt! That was then, and this is now, I’m moving forward knowing my skin is just MY skin!” she defiantly expressed.

Inspired by Gemma-Leigh’s cheeky display, many people rushed to the comments to praise the mum for ‘normalising’ skin texture and cellulite.

One person commented: “So important!! Thank you for this.”

Another user added: “Beautiful just the way you are.”

Whilst a third person voiced: “Just SKIN! So so true and powerful.”

Someone else shared: “It’s amazing how far you can go with a change of mindset.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user praised: “Skin texture is beautiful!!!”

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