‘Sometimes, people get overwhelmed. It’s the pace of life.’

Janine McDonald, a 51-year-old mum from Swindon, knows better than most how poor mental health can lead to things piling up at home.

After experiencing a marriage breakdown, losing her home, and struggling to find a job that would allow her to balance her responsibilities as a single parent, Janine says she lost ‘all self worth and confidence.’

In the midst of this challenging period, she struggled to overcome the relentless clutter that kept growing in her home. But after three years, following her participation in a business course in 2019, Janine had a lightbulb moment that not only helped herself, but countless other struggling mums like her.

That moment was the start of Clear the Clutter Now, a home organisation business Janine set up which pledges to give people ‘clear home, clear head and clear heart.’

All over Greater Manchester, Janine uses her declutter expertise to visit and transform the homes of parents just like her.

‘Parents are juggling so many different things, it so easily happens,’ she says. ‘It starts off being a bit untidy, then Christmas and birthdays come and it’s like: “Wow, we have so much stuff we don’t need”.

‘It gets out of their control because decluttering is something everyone says they need to do, but then they don’t get round to it.

‘It’s something that gets put off and put off and put off.’

With Clear the Clutter Now exploding in popularity across Facebook and Instagram, it’s clear that countless families resonate with Janine’s experience and benefit from her assistance.

And best of all, after years of struggling, Janine has finally found the perfect job to fit around her two kids. 

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