A 24-year-old mum has warned other women to avoid cheap cosmetic surgery procedures after her botched lip filler left her with permanent scars.

Siana O'Connor, from the Hertfordshire town of Hemel Hempstead, got the procedure after becoming obsessed with the trend on social media.

The full time mum says she began to notice on social media how many of her pals, influencers and celebrities were having lip filler procedures.

As Siana saw more and more people getting it done, she began to feel the pressure to have it done too, she told the Hertfordshire Mercury in a cautionary tale.

Now plastic surgery is so readily available, it was an easy step for Siana to take the plunge.

She said: "All my life my friends had told me that I never needed lip fillers, but they then became really popular among people like Kylie Jenner .

"I never considered it as I didn't think there was any point, but then I saw everyone else doing it and I became insecure about my top lip.

"I felt it looked small compared to my bottom one."

After deciding that she wanted the procedure, a beautician who was offering cheap lip fillers in the South East was recommended to Siana.

"My first filler was done in April 2016 and within just a few months I was back getting more," said Siana.

"It was very addictive and after you see the results and you just want more. I was travelling miles from my home to get there and the procedure only cost me £70 for 0.25ml."

In comparison, the NHS advises the cost of dermal fillers can range from £200 to several hundred pounds, depending on things like the type of product and number of syringes used, and the complexity of the area being treated.

But at this point, all had gone to plan.

Siana continued to visit for lip filler top ups until she had a year off when she became pregnant.

After she gave birth to her son, Levi, who is now 10-months-old, she decided to go back and have another filler in April of this year.

However, what happened next has changed her entire outlook on plastic surgery.

She said: "In April I had 0.5ml put in and immediately I knew something wasn't right.

"I said 'I can feel my lips starting to swell up'.

"After a week, my lips still hadn't gone down and they became badly discoloured and they went white.

"I looked online about what this meant and it said it was because of there being no blood circulation to the lips.

"I started to get bubbles of puss on my lips and it was so painful just to even touch. I couldn't even open my mouth to eat.

"I then went to A&E to get checked out and they said that because they weren't the people who did them I have to go back to where I had them done.

"The woman where I had them done then told me I had a really, really bad infection and I was given antibiotics and steroids. I was taking around 10 or 12 different pills a day.

"The bubbles of puss were then bursting and leaking and I had three or four holes in my lips. The inside of my lips went purple and in the end I had to press my lips to let the puss out."

Over the course of around three years, Siana had around 4ml injected into her top lip and had spent around £500.

However even today, she is still feeling the painful effects of the procedure that went wrong.

She said: "They are permanently scarred and that'll never go away unless I have more work done to remove the scarring.

"It really shocked me as I used to be an advocate them but now I would never recommend them. I've been advised to not get anymore done.

"I'm starting to become more secure with my natural lips. You just have to love yourself naturally."

After her ordeal, Siana is now warning others against cheap procedures.

She said: "Please, please make sure you go to trained doctor.

"Find a reliable practice and just do an extensive amount of research beforehand and don't do it just because everyone else it. The cheaper it is, just stay away, you'll get what you pay for.

"I regret it so much. It gave me social anxiety and I wasn't going out as it was so embarrassing. I used to burst into tears because it was just awful and I couldn't even work because of the pain. It was so severe.

"I was looking at everyone else and got something I didn't even need."

'I was really happy with my boob job results'

On the other hand, Sarah Breese, 28, who owns a dog walking business in Hemel Hempstead, had a good experience of plastic surgery.

June 2016, she decided to have a boob job after also feeling self conscious and was recommended to visit Spire Hospital in Harpenden.

She said: "I've always been self conscious of myself and what I look like, especially as my mum and sister both had big boobs and amazing figures.

"I felt like a boy compared to them as I had like tiny boobs. It was actually my mum that kind of pushed me to look into having it done as she was fed up with me complaining about myself all the time.

"I first went in for my consultation where they ask you your reasons for wanting the procedure and then they give you lots of different size implants they put in a bra for you to try on and see which one you like best and are most comfortable for you.

"I chose my size 32CC as I wanted between a size C\D and it to look as natural as possible. The surgeon actually told me to go bigger because when the swelling goes down after a while after having it done you always wished you went bigger, but I’m happy with my size.

"I went in the afternoon and had it done at 3pm by 5.30pm I was awake and in the hospital bed and they give you tea and food.

"By 10 o’clock I was allowed to go home, the pain was quite minimal and wasn’t too bad.

"Recovery wasn’t too bad, I had it done above the muscle so the recovery time is a lot less. I couldn’t move my arms above like my waist for the first two days or lift anything and I couldn’t drive for five days after. The pain was bearable though and quite minimal, I had it done on the Wednesday and went back to work the following Tuesday.

"I couldn’t get any of the bandages wet for the first two weeks while the stitches were in so was told to have a bath with low water in to avoid them getting wet.

"They do swell up quite a lot and I had to wear a tight bandage sport bra thing 24/7 for like three months after, once the swelling has gone down they do go a lot smaller.

"I was really happy with the end results. The scars are barely visible and I love the size and shape so no regret. If I had more money then I would definitely consider getting more done, I looked into having a nose job and even lipo but it’s a slippery slope so probably a good thing I can’t afford."

Sarah's consultation cost £150 with the final procedure costing £4,970.

She also has warned of the dangers of cheap procedures and social media: "Just make sure you do your research properly before going into anything, and you’re doing it for the right reasons.

"You also need to invest the money into it as if you buy cheap you’re going to get cheap.

"Now with social media, Instagram and all of that it’s getting a lot worse. There are also so many easily available editing apps that you can download that are easy to use to slim down or change your figure which I’m even guilty for using, so most of the things that they are seeing isn’t even real."

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