Ma’az explained to how it’s become a bit of a tradition among their apartment complex to share food.

‘We’re situated in Mississauga and have a high population of Muslims in general and in our area especially’ he told us.

‘We’ve lived In the same complex for the last 13 years and the community has been like this through it all. My mum tries to do something similar every year whether it’s just sending some food or doing a bit more like this year.

‘The entire process of making the baskets took a couple of days for the shopping and making of the snacks some of which were homemade.

‘I helped deliver some of them so I witnessed a couple of their reactions too. All were extremely grateful for the baskets’.

Ma’az’s tweet has garnered almost 4,000 likes on Twitter and he said mum Samira was delighted to see all the kind comments.

Samira is exactly the kind of neighbour we wish we had.

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