My boyfriend's little white lies are making me question our future

DEAR DEIDRE: MY partner fibs all the time and I worry about our future.

I’m a woman of 31 and he’s 24. We’ve been together for two years and are meant to be getting married next year.

He’s kind and caring but is a bit immature and tells stories that aren’t true – usually harmless ones to seem more interesting, like he used to be at school with a famous pop star.

Sometimes he swears he hasn’t been on social media when I know he has. He often contradicts himself.

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I’ve told him I’m fed up with his silly lies. I’m anxious they’ll lead to bigger lies and infidelity.

DEIDRE SAYS: Usually people lie like this because they aren’t very confident – to make themselves more likeable or to avoid confrontation.

It doesn’t mean they will be unfaithful.

Talk to your partner again and say his lies are making you anxious. Explain you love him exactly as he is and he doesn’t need to put a gloss coat on his life.

My support pack Standing Up For Yourself should help you get the message across.

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