My life in drinks, Charlotte Olympia Dellal: ‘Everyone has fun with tequila’

The shoe designer, 42, tells Charlotte Vossen about quirky wine labels, Champagne with ice and her favourite 50s cocktail shaker

Growing up in Rio, Brazil, my favourite drink was Guaraná Antarctica. It’s a sparkling soft drink made from berries that is well-known over there, like Coca-Cola. It’s one of the two drinks that I’ll have when I visit Brazil – the other is fresh coconut water on the beach as soon as I arrive. 

There are some Brazilian shops in London where you can buy Guaraná so sometimes I’ll treat myself.

I’m all or nothing, so I save drinking alcohol for when I’m out or at parties. I’ve found this great [alcohol-free apéritif] Ginger Switchel by Mother Root. It’s a ginger and apple cider vinegar cordial that I add to cold fizzy water and lots of ice. 

Shoe designer Charlotte Olympia, 42, grew up in Rio, Brazil where her favourite drink was Guaraná Antarctica, a sparkling soft drink made from berries

Burgh Island Hotel, off the South Devon coast,  got Charlotte hooked on piscines in coupes

Sometimes I’ll throw in a sprig of mint and it’s like a nonalcoholic mojito.

My local pub, The Shoe [in Exton, Hampshire], makes the best G&Ts. I’m not particular about gin but I do judge the book by its cover when it comes to alcohol. I love Mermaid Gin – it’s a beautiful bottle – and Tanqueray because it’s old-fashioned.

My husband Maxim and I drank cold beers after he proposed to me on the beach in Rio. It’s what we enjoy drinking most, rather than something more traditionally ceremonial. For me, a beer has to be super chilled. 

I can’t drink a pint of lager – I like them small, so they stay cold. Noam beer is one of my favourites because it tastes good and, again, comes in a gorgeous bottle.

Burgh Island, off the South Devon coast, has a beautiful bar with a glass dome. It’s the art deco hotel where Agatha Christie wrote one of my favourite books, Evil Under the Sun. 

Charlotte serves palomas at parties 

My husband knows I’m a big fan, so it’s one of the first places he took me after we started going out. We had to dress in black tie for the evening and drank piscines in coupes [Champagne on the rocks] – I then went through a phase of drinking them.

Great wine is probably wasted on me. I enjoy a young fruity Fleurie or Pinot Noir that almost looks watered down. That said, there is one red wine that I can remember the name of: Ormiale, a Bordeaux. We met a guy who makes it on a road in Greece in the middle of nowhere. We started talking, he told us he made wine, so my husband bought some – and it is delicious.

I’m joining my local vineyard, Exton Park, for a couple of days to help with their grape harvest this year. I like supporting local businesses, and I always have a bottle of their sparkling wine in my fridge.

When I throw parties, I like the wine to suit the theme. I served Tarot Grenache at a lovely Halloween dinner because the skull label was very fitting. 

I also organised a circus party and had a nice Pinot Noir called Le Fat Bastard with a balancing hippo on the label.

I’m a sucker for an eye-catching bottle, but it also has to be drinkable because I’m offering it to guests.

When they come over, my friends know that they’re going to be drinking palomas. I think they’re a great refreshing drink – I had them all summer – and everyone has fun with tequila.

Charlotte and her husband both love a chilled beer

I always use the pink grapefruit mixer by Two Keys because I haven’t tasted one better.

As a designer, I appreciate beautiful objects. My bar at home has Fornasetti wallpaper with old goblets on it. I have more glassware and cocktail shakers than I need. 

I’ve also got the most beautiful cocktail book, Ted Saucier’s Bottoms Up from 1951, which I bought in a vintage shop. But my favourite piece is a 50s glass cocktail shaker with spider’s webs all over it.

I’m not thinking about what people should toast me with at my funeral. We’re all going to die but I don’t think that far ahead. 

I’m the kind of person who celebrates their birthday – and the following day I start planning my next one.

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