A man is at loggerheads over a parking ordeal after granting his neighbor permission to leave his car parked by his garage for a few weeks.

The next-door residents had struck an agreement to leave on the property until it got towed, but months later the vehicle was still there – with just its wheels removed.

Many conflicts between neighbors arise as a result of car parking disputes, whether this be over an infringement of space or vehicle blockades.

Though having someone’s vehicle parked on your private property may count as a trespass or civil offense, asking a third party to remove the car risks causing long-lasting friction.

In pursuit of a second opinion, the resident brought up the case in the Mildly Infuriating” forum on Reddit, which comprises a staggering 6.1 million members.

He specified in the post that his neighbor had only wanted to use the parking space temporarily.

“Do you mind if I park my truck beside the garage for a couple of weeks until I get it hauled away?” were his exact words, according to the poster.

“It’s been almost two months now,” he added. “And yesterday he took off the wheels.”

The post was accompanied by a series of pictures showing the run-down vehicle with its wheels removed and windows open, right by the garage.

Pictures of the interior showed leaves and other debris had started to collect on the front seats of the vehicle, suggesting months had passed since the car was last in use.

Fellow Redditors rushed to the comments to offer advice, with many agreeing that the situation would have left them equally infuriated.

“Don’t know if it’s worth it, but you might need to get more stern with your neighbor,” wrote on fellow Redditor. “Give them a week. If not, maybe there’s a cars for cancer group in your area that will tow it away.”

“Hauled away means ‘piece by piece’ & no time frame,” joked another person.

“A conversation gets it moved immediately,” wrote another. “They either comply and move. Or refuse, and you have it towed at their expense.”

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