An optical illusion could tell you a lot about your personality.

Mia Yilin shared a graphic on TikTok and asked viewers: "What's the first thing you see in this picture".

The image either shows a "large face" or "woman playing the saxophone".

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And if you see the former first, you're said to be an emotionally intelligent person.

Mia explained: "If you first saw the large face, then you possess a strong sense of empathy and compassion.

"This is why people usually come to you when they're in need. Your nurturing nature extends not only to people but also to animals and the environment."

While this is a lovely trait to have, it can be draining if you don't set aside any time for yourself.

Mia added: "Remember to balance your giving nature with self-care as you deserve the same love and attention you give to others."

Alternatively, those who see the woman playing the saxophone are said to be extroverts.

Mia explained: "If you first saw the woman playing the saxophone, then you have an attractive presence that draws people towards you.

"Your charisma and genuine interest in others makes you an excellent conversationalist."

The only danger is packing your schedule too tightly and not giving yourself enough time to "recharge".

Mia's video garnered more than 53,700 views โ€“ and many agreed with her analysis.

One responder wrote: "Thank you, you nailed it for me."

Another said: "This is so accurate."

And a third added: "On point."

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