Most of us like playing card games now and again, either to kill time on a train, or to keep things going at a family party.

However, have you ever noticed the 'hidden 8' in your deck of cards?

Well it seems like many haven't, according to one Twitter post.

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Popular Twitter account 'Today Years Old' shared a post this week about the 'secret' number in a deck of cards – and it seemed like many were gobsmacked.

The post read: "How old were you when you first saw the 8 in the middle of the 8 of diamonds card?"

The post has since gone viral, with it racking up a staggering 3.6million views.

Many have taken to the comments section to voice their shock too.

"Today, never knew it," wrote one Twitter user, as another agreed: "Same".

"Wait whaaaaaaat!!?," asked another, as a fourth wrote: "Today years old."

"Aged a decade AFTER seeing it today," chimed another.

While another person exclaimed: "Wow, I never noticed it. I love your tweets."

The account describes itself as: "Your source for the latest trends, discoveries, and most shocking truths and little-known facts about the world."

The post comes after many also realised this week, thanks to Twitter, that Wall's ice cream has a different name in every country.


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