The colder season is truly upon us.

As the UK weather plunges, many Brits will be switching their heating on for the first time. While some homes have underfloor heating, others still use radiators.

So if you have a radiator in your home, have you ever wondered what the numbers really mean? You might not have realised them, but they're important.

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You might be completely unaware of the purpose of the digits. But now it's worth educating yourself on the dials as it's important for your energy bills.

They're known as thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) which are a new and improved version of manual valves. You might have thought it's for the temperature, but you're wrong.

But sadly the higher you crank it up, it won't make your radiators hotter. It turns out the TRVs actually relate to the temperature of the room, rather than the radiator.

Heating expert Nicholas Auckland explained the figures allow you to exercise "complete control" over each area of your home. Handy right?

The TRVs detect the temperature of a room then decides how much hot water needs to flow into the radiator. If the room is cold, it will allow more hot water to enter the heater.

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So when the room is warm, it can restrict the amount of hot water gushing in.

Nicholas told The Sun: "A functional TRV will quickly detect the temperature of the room, and then automatically adjust the amount of hot water in the radiator accordingly."

He recommends setting your TRV to two or three during the winter and advised people not to crank it up to five if the room is cold.

The expert said you should let the "TRV function on its own to heat the room as needed". There's also the * icon which is handy if you're not going to be home.

This will allow your radiators to turn themselves on for a brief time period and warm up the room if the temperature drops below 7C.

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