People are worried that a face and body editing software could catfish

Fears ‘terrifying’ app that allows anyone to slim down their body with the swipe of a finger will fuel catfishing on dating sites

  • Turkish app Photolift can make your face and your body look trimmer in selfies  
  • People are now voicing fears that body enhancing app could be used to catfish
  • Said the concept was ‘terrifying,’ and ‘shameful, the women ‘looked fine before’

Twitter users claim a photo editing app designed to slim down selfies could fuel catfishing.

Photolift is a face & body editor app designed by Mimoza Bilgi Teknolojileri Limited Sirketi in Istanbul.

The brand’s website claims it is an ‘excellent tool for editing your photos for your Instagram, Facebook profile or posts for many other social media platforms.’

However some Twitter users are worried about the fact the app claims to be able to slim down photos, and fear it could fuel catfishing.

The app Photolift was designed to slim down bodies and faces in selfies uploaded on social media (as pictured)

Some users have dubbed the app ‘terrifying’ and others claim the app could be used to catfish unsuspected people on dating apps 

Twitter user @sssssssssierra posted a video of the apps advert saying ‘This is terrifying my god’

The video shows Instagram-like pictures of women being slimmed down thanks to the app’s photo editing tool.

Other users have responded with their own criticism of the app – with some claiming it could fuel catfishing – the practice of creating a fake identity on a social network account, usually targeting a specific victim for deception.

@mayaMOMENTS posted saying ‘Omg. This app is crazzzyyyy. Catfishing gone be tooo easy now’.

Another example of how the app works taken from a promotional video which has been circulating on social media 

The app doesn’t only focuses on weight, and can also be used to edit out tattoos.

Thanks to the software, you can change the tattoo’s intensity or even erase it altogether. 

For men, the app can also add several different beard filters to your chin, from mustache to goatee to a full chinned-beard.  

For men, the app offers a selection of different bear filters to apply to your chin, from mustaches to goatees (pictured) 

Pictured: A promotional video for body editing app Photolift seen on social media platform Instagram

The app can also be used to edit out tattoos, by changing their intensity or even erase them altogether

The app allows you to change your appearance by tapping on the outlines of your body as pictured  

Women have had a go at the app and shared its results on social media. 

@Crazy_short commented ‘I went to download it to see if it was legit & I’m terrified..

‘This app is shameful, and it should never be this serious,’ she added.

‘Love your body, in whatever shape, size, or shade it comes in.’]

Another woman said she did not want ‘little girls getting a hold of this’ and pointed out it could lead to body-image and self-esteem issues in the future.  

This woman (pictured) shared the app’s results on Twitter, showing off her trimmer silhouette in the pictures 

Another woman shared pictures edited with the app  and said she was ‘terrified’ and that people 

Another user shared a picture of her and her friend after using Photolift (pictured). Twitter users are claiming the app could be use to catfish people on dating apps 

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