Princess Diana's classic hairstyle will make post-lockdown comeback

The ‘updated Diana bob’ is THE style for summer: Hairdressers reveal the late royal’s signature look has been given a laid back makeover packed with ‘attitude’ – and Kaia Gerber and Hailey Beiber are already fans

  • Signature voluminous bob Diana donned in 80s has been given a 2021 makeover
  • Modern take on hairstyle has been seen on model Kaia Gerber and Emma Corrin  
  • Hairstylist Rachel Burgin predicts ‘vintage glam meets the messy bob’ trend 

With the highly-anticipated opening of salons within sight, many of us will be considering how to make a statement once summer arrives. 

And it seems that this year could be the time to make a drastic change to your hair, with several celebrities taking inspiration from the past and opting for a sleek vintage-style bob, an update on Princess Diana’s signature 80s look. 

Ricky Walters, director of Soho’s SALON64, told Femail how the Princess of Wales’  iconic voluminous do is set to be at the forefront of fashion by the end of lockdown, with celebrities paving the way for this chic new style. 

‘With lockdown giving clients a little more time to browse the web for a new look for 2021, I am seeing the same images cropping up time and time again’, said Ricky. 

‘Undone bob length hair with plenty of layers for added attitude…the Diana presence for the 21st century trendsetter.’    

Hairstylists have claimed Princess Diana’s signature 1980s bob is set to come back into fashion following lockdown with a sleek modern make-over. Pictured, the royal in Portsmouth in 1989 

Pictured, model Hailey Baldwin (left) and Sex Education star Emma MacKey (right) showing off sleek variations on the vintage look 

Ricky says that celebrities are leaning more towards a casual and less obviously glamorous look. Pictured, model Kaia Gerber donning a choppy blonde bob 

Rachel Burgin, hair stylist and founder of Routes Extensions agreed that the trend has already ‘firmly begun’, with a host of stars stepping out in a ‘mix of vintage glam meets the messy bob’. 

Leading the trend is Emma Corrin and Kristen Stewart, the actresses portraying the late Princess of Wales in Netflix’s hit royal drama The Crown and forthcoming biopic Spencer, respectively.

Other A-listers such as Kaia Gerber, Emma MacKey and Hailey Baldwin have also donned the choppy style in recent months, and Ricky says that celebrities are leaning more towards a casual and less obviously glamorous look. 

As a teenager the Princess of Wales sported a short, blunt bob, before quickly adding some softer layers following her engagement to Charles in 1981.

The royal maintained her signature look of side swept bangs for the next ten years, but would debut her iconic gravity-defying blowout in 1984 following the birth of Prince Harry. 

However there will be slight variations on the ‘once polished and heavily styled’ look, predicted Ricky, with the modern woman opting for a more ‘undone and wearable’ style that still replicates the elegance of the royal. 

‘Diana is certainly an iconic and legendary figurehead to say the least and is equally powerful in the hair and beauty world’, said Ricky. 

Several celebrities taking inspiration from the past and opting for a sleek vintage-style bob, a variation of Princess Diana’s signature 80s look. Pictured, Emma Corrin sporting the hairstyle 

‘Her hairstyle has been the forefront of the 80s era with a generation of ladies all wanting to replicate the Diana look!

‘The Diana Bob is now making a huge comeback. With the retro fashion trends leading the way for many, it is only natural it follows suit in the hair world.

‘We are seeing a massive leap revamping the once polished and heavily styled looks to be worn in a more undone, wearable way for today’s modern lady.’ 

Rachel added: ‘The Diana Bob is a short bob that’s full of volume with flicks around the face (80s vibe). The modern mix can involve waves, curls but always full of volume and never neat and solid like the typical straight bob.’ 

Ricky told that the modern variation of the bob is appealing to busy women who want a stylish but low-maintenance look, revealing that those with long hair are also opting for some chunky layers to give their hair some bounce.  

Leading the trend is Emma Corrin (pictured right on screen) , the actress who portrayed the late Princess of Wales in Netflix’s hit royal drama The Crown. Pictured left, Diana in 1982

‘Clients of Soho don’t have time to sit and blow-dry their hair every morning’, said Ricky, ‘The new ‘Diana bob’ is a low maintenance haircut for the ladies on the go. 

‘We are seeing the same idea translate to longer haired clients. The addition of chunky layers to revamp block, boring hair.’ 

Rachel told that achieving the royal’s iconic look is ‘all about using the right tools’ advising using a volumizing blow dry brush such ‘ideal to get under the roots and achieve impressive root lift.’  

‘Then use from the ends and wrap under the barrel with a cool shot of the hair dryer to flick out the front area around the face and sides’, she said. ‘A quick spritz of firm hold hair spray and you’re all set for a royal night out.’  

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