The man who doused far-right extremist Tommy Robinson with a milkshake claims he has since received death threats.

Danyaal Mahmud, 23, has been left terrified since the incident with the English Defence League founder in Warrington, Cheshire, last Thursday.

The 23-year-old, from Blackburn, Lancashire, told The Observer: "I'm a low-key person, I didn't anticipate this publicity and I don't want it – I'm getting death threats on social media and I am worried about me and my family being targeted."

He also said he now 'fears a little for my safety' after receiving threats and abuse from people.

"I didn't mean to do anything to be honest it was just an instant reaction to the way he was talking to me and what others were shouting earlier," he added.

Mr Mahmud said he was invited by the anti-fascist protesters to join them in confronting Robinson – real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon – and his group in the town centre when he was on his way to a meeting.

But he said things went down quickly when 36-year-old Robinson arrived from his van and approached Mr Mahmud the first time.

He said: "He asked me if I thought he was racist and I said: 'Yeah'. Then he says: 'Do you know 80% of grooming gangs are Muslim?'

"I go to him, 'That's a false statistic, what about white paedophiles? Why are they not called Christian grooming gangs?' Then he goes off on one.' "

Mr Mahmud claims he reported the incident to a police officer after claiming he was shoved by Robinson.

Mr Mahmud encountered the group again after his meeting and he was stopped by the crowd again.

He said: "I said to him [Robinson] I do not wish to speak to you on or off camera. I just got annoyed with him. A milkshake 'slipped' out of my hand."

A spokesman at the Cheshire Police said: "We are aware of an allegation of assault made following an incident in Bridge Street in Warrington."

Mr Mahmud sustained bruises and cuts on his back and a minor head injury.

Mr Robinson claimed he was 'punched and slapped' by two other people in two separate incidents in Warrington.

He stressed: "No amount of punches, milkshakes, attacks or anything is going to stop me," as he vowed to become a Member of the European Parliament.

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