Lisa Vanderpump has been talking about taking a lie detector test all season long, and she finally went ahead and took one during the May 14 episode of ‘RHOBH’.

Lisa Vanderpump has been estranged from her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills castmates ever since she ended her friendships with Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley earlier this season, but during the May 14 episode, Camille Grammer tried her best to smooth things over. “I wish there was a way I can help,” Camille said to Lisa during a surprise visit to Villa Rosa. Despite Camille’s current feud with Teddi Mellencamp, she still seems to want to help Lisa move past her own issues with the group. But Lisa wouldn’t budge. Lisa still can’t believe the way Kyle refused to defend her amid Puppygate. So Lisa said she’s “done” with Kyle and she believes she’s “better off” without her co-stars in her life. Lisa said it would take a sincere apology from Kyle for her to even think about being friends with her again, but she’s not holding her breath for that to happen.

During her conversation with Camille, Lisa also reiterated how “innocent” she is in all of the drama, and asked, “What do I have to do, take a lie detector test?” Obviously, no one ever asked Lisa to take a lie detector test — in fact, whenever she has mentioned doing such a thing during previous arguments, the ladies often rolled their eyes and said they’d never ask her to do that. But guess what… Lisa took one anyway. 24 hours after saying goodbye to Camille and telling her that she wouldn’t be attending her Hawaiian wedding due to her ongoing feud with the cast, Lisa met with a proctor and got wired up.

“This is going to be scored as if it was a serious criminal test using federal guidelines,” the proctor told Lisa as he hooked her up to the lie detector test. “If she’s lying, I’m going to catch it in a second.”

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“I’m scared. My stomach’s turning over,” Lisa told her Vanderpump Dogs business partner, John Sessa, who went along with her for the test. “What have you gotten me into?” Then, the proctor asked the first question — “Have you ever given a story to RadarOnline?” Clearly, he was referring to the story that Kyle, Dorit and the rest of the ladies have accused Lisa of giving to the news site — one that basically makes Dorit look like she abuses animals.

“This is quite tight, this blood pressure thing, isn’t it?” Lisa asked, instead of answering the question, just before the screen went black and the words “To be continued…” showed up. Sadly, we’ll have to wait until next week to see how Lisa’s test went. Will this be what it takes for the ladies to end their feud with Lisa? Or will they be proven right? Only time will tell.

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