Schwartz Now Makes Jewelry For Celebs Using ‘Zoom’ & Armed Guards

Jewelry for the stars. Lorraine Schwartz has created dazzling pieces displayed on the ears and wrists of dozens of our favorite celebs. How can forget the stunning night Angelina Jolie walked down the Oscars carpet in 2009 wearing Schwartz’s 15-carat emerald earrings. While the jeweler remained Hollywood’s premier jewelry gal for nearly decades, she faces the biggest hurdle of her career: COVID-19. Though, with resilience and innovation, Schwartz acclimated her selling methods to meet the pandemic and is bedazzling more stars than ever.

Like countless businesses across the world, Schwartz has migrated her business to the realm of online meetings in light of the pandemic. In-person consultation, where her elite clients could see and feel her products, are replaced with Zoom meetings or FaceTime calls.

“When our clients are ready for a very important investment piece,” Schwartz explains in an interview with Forbes contributor, Jordi Lippe-McGrawwe, “we start with a conversation and work closely with them to understand what they are looking for in terms of style, shape, and budget.”

After the logistics are handled and the sign-off for the perfect gem is narrowed down, Schwartz takes great measures to ensure her client is happy.

“We arrange for an armed guard service to do a private viewing many times in the comfort of their home.

Though little is known about the top-tier jewelry maker’s income, the mind-blowing prices of her custom pieces are enough to make anyone envious – like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s cushion-cut diamond, ranging anywhere from $2 million to $4 million.

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Schwartz has a strong reputation as the jeweler/BFF to a long line of A-list women. From providing Beyonce with the showstopping emerald earrings she wore to Barack Obama’s inauguration to the chic armpiece she wore in her music video for “Single Ladies”, Schwartz’s resume of dazzling jewels is long and strong.

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“I’ve built strong relationships with celebrities and all of my clients,” Schwartz tells Forbes, “they come to me for something unique and different.

Though her twenty years in the industry have put her at the very top of her game, she had other initial aspirations for her career.

“When I was at college I was producing big fashion shows and I continued doing that for a while after,” Schwartz tells Vogue Hong Kong. Though it was her parents, who were also jewelers, that gave her introduction into the accessory-making game.

“My parents suggested that I come and help out. I think they meant clerically but the first thing I did was sell a 10-carat diamond.”

While few get the chance to feel the luxury of these masterfully crafted jewels, it’s certain that we’ll all be gobsmacked when the next celeb walks onto the red carpet wearing a custom Schwartz piece.

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