The haunting film, Se7en, hit theaters in 1995 and became a hit with moviegoers. Pronounced, “seven,” the gory crime drama struck a chord with mystery-lovers and thrill-seekers. The movie boasted a talented cast of Hollywood heavy-hitters poised to grow their fame and personal fortunes to even greater heights. [Spoiler warning: This article contains details about the film, Se7en.]

‘Se7en’ is a crime mystery with a twist

Se7en follows the story of a pair of detectives on the hunt for a serial killer. William Somerset and David Mills have their share of quarrels. But soon-to-retire Somerset sparks up a friendship with Mills’ kindhearted wife, Tracy, who confesses to him that she is pregnant unbeknownst to her husband.

It doesn’t take long for the veteran detective, Somerset, and his fiery partner Mills, to figure out that the killer is using the Seven Deadly Sins as inspiration for his crimes. Despite their differences, the partners work tirelessly together to solve the crimes.

As the cops visit each gruesome crime tableau depicting gluttony, greed, sloth, lust, and pride, they become increasingly determined to nab the murderer. In a twist, after the fifth murder scene is discovered, John Doe surrenders and confesses.

Doe drops another bombshell that there are two more bodies but will only lead Mills and Somerset to the scene. In a shocking conclusion, Doe admits to Mills that he committed the sin of envy and, as a result, beheaded Mills’ pregnant wife. Overcome by grief, Mills shoots Doe and therefore completes the killer’s scheme by committing the seventh sin of wrath.

‘Se7en’ made a killing at the box office

Both critics and fans praised Se7en, which scores 81% on the Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer, and an even more impressive 95% Audience Score. The box office haul was also quite remarkable. Se7en earned over $327 million on a $33 million budget, according to Box Office Mojo. The big names in the film have also built massive fortunes over the years. Here’s how the stars of Se7en rank when it comes to wealth, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Brad Pitt as ‘Mills’

With an estimated $300 million of total wealth, Brad Pitt, who played Mills, outranks his Se7en co-stars when it comes to net worth. Fans will recognize the Academy Award-winning actor and producer for a slew of hits, including 12Years a Slave.

Morgan Freeman as ‘Somerset’

Coming in a close second with an estimated $250 million in net worth is Morgan Freeman, who portrayed Somerset. From Driving Miss Daisy to The Dark Knight, Freeman has worked in show business for over 50 years and has a handful of new projects in production.

Gwyneth Paltrow as ‘Tracy’

Ranking third when it comes to total wealth is Gwyneth Paltrow, who played the role of Tracy. Paltrow has amassed an estimated $150 million in wealth. The star has earned acting credits in a string of hits, including the role of Pepper in several Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

Kevin Spacey as ‘John Doe’

Kevin Spacey brought John Doe to life on screen. Recent sexual misconduct allegations have overshadowed his work, but the House of Cards actor is still estimated to be worth $100 million.

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