Serayah McNiell got more than creative fulfillment from her latest role, it seems. She also got a smoking “stripper body.”

Fans from her days on “Empire” may remember McNeill with a slender, athletic frame.

But after working with a trainer and going on a weight-gain diet for her role in BET’s stripper drama “Kingdom Business,” McNeill tells us she’s psyched to have a sexy thicker look. 

“I [got to] put on certain outfits and bathing suits [that wouldn’t have fit well before],” she told us, “It was nice looking at my body.”

She added that she’s loving that she finally has hips.

“I would say that my frame is finally starting to fill out,” the 26-year-old said. “Being small, I’ve always wanted to gain weight but I’m really cool with where I am.”

She tell us that the secret is that her trainer put her on “higher calories and weight training, which helps bring muscle mass pretty quickly.”

“But [I was] keeping up carbs and protein, eating a full meal and then drinking a full protein shake. It’s probably the hardest thing to do. It’s so hard to lose weight because you have to not eat but to gain weight is also that same challenge,” she continued. “You are so full all the time and with being that full comes being tired. So it’s kind of like this push and pull to get up, even to go to the gym after you’ve eaten and drank a full protein shake. So it was a process but I was kind of feeling the results.”

She said that she’d long hoped to add some curves but that “getting this role put a fire under me.”

She stars opposite gospel star Yolanda Adams in the flick.

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