A puppy who had been left to perish in a crate has made a stunning transformation after her rescuers nursed her back to good health.

The white and brown pup – later named Hope – was skin and bones when a passerby discovered her locked inside a crate by an apartment complex.

Given her condition at the time, which included severe dehydration and malnutrition, doctors believe the pup had waited for a while before her rescuers found her.

When one Good Samaritan finally reported her to the Kreitzer’s Critter Corral Puppy Rescue (KCCPR), however, her life changed and took a turn for the better.

Staff on her rescue team were devastated to discover how long it had been since the pup had been left to fend for herself, with KCCPR social media coordinator Cindy Simmons saying it had been quite some time.

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“She had clearly been kept like this for quite some time. Not just a few hours or even a few days,” Simmons told the Dodo.

After undergoing thorough inspections at the vet, Hope was brought to the home of Bill and Liz Kreitzerand, the co-founders of the shelter.

“She still stood hunched over at this point from being kept in such small confinements,” Simmons said. “Despite her past and her current situation, she was doing remarkably well.”

With some help from her new carers, Hope started seeing drastic improvements in her health and returned to an optimal weight.

“Watching Hope transform was like having proud [mum] moments over ad over again,” said Simmons.

“[It was] like watching a true miracle come to life right in front of you and being so proud to play any positive part in it.”

Within months the dog had found a permanent home too, and her new family did everything within their power to turn Hope’s tough beginning into a happy ending.

Her transformation since first arriving at the shelter has amazed rescuers. Everyone involved in her journey to recovery is thrilled to see her thriving.

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