‘My skin has never looked better’: Save £14 on this duo of bestselling face serums shoppers love – they banish dark spots, brighten your complexion and target fine lines

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An award-winning vitamin c serum has been credited with transforming users’ skin, helping to brighten and reduce pigmentation – and it’s so popular it’s amassed hundreds of five-star reviews.

The Balance Me Vitamin C Repair Serum is now packaged together with the brand’s other bestseller, the Bakuchiol Smoothing Serum, in a limited edition Day & Night kit. And it’s 22 per cent off, that’s a saving of £14. 

Give the gift of better skin this Christmas with Balance Me’s Day & Night Gift Set! featuring their two bestselling serums with hundreds of five-star reviews.

It contains the brand’s hero product the Vitamin C Repair Serum, which helps to fade dark marks, and the Bakuchiol Smoothing Serum to help improve skin texture and target fine lines. 

Give the gift of better skin this Christmas with Balance Me’s Day & Night Gift Set! featuring their two bestselling serums with hundreds of five-star reviews

When used together as part of your AM and PM routine, Balance Me’s best-selling duo could help you get your best skin yet.  

Dry, lacklustre winter skin often needs a powerhouse of ingredients to boost glow and hydration and Balance Me’s two best-selling serums for both day and night are loaded with powerful, natural ingredients. 

Boosting glow and hydration, the limited edition Christmas set is now reduced to £50 (worth £64), saving you £14.

If you struggle with pigmentation and dark circles, then vitamin c is the result-driven ingredient you need, praised for helping with lightening dark spots, tightening, brightening and reducing fine lines. 

For an easy way to harness the benefits of vitamin c, hundreds of shoppers swear by the best-selling cult favourite day serum, Vitamin C Repair Serum. 

A super-dose of Vitamin C, alongside powerhouse skincare ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, it targets pigmentation and fades dark spots whilst leaving skin radiant and hydrated, so much so that users say their skin ‘glows’ after using it. 

One customer said, ‘I love this Vitamin C Repair Serum! Within a few days of using it, I saw a visibly brighter complexion. I’ve now been using it every morning for about three months, and my skin has never looked better.’

With hundreds of five-star reviews online and beauty award wins, it’s clear why women love this product, with many crediting it with fading dark marks and age spots

Joining the bestselling Vitamin C Repair Serum, Balance Me’s Bakuchiol Smoothing Serum aims to tackle acne-prone skin and fine lines in a gentle but effective way. 

The brand describes Bakuchiol as a plant-derived alternative to vitamin A. Improving skin texture whilst stimulating the production of collagen helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and smooth the skin. 

Suitable for sensitive skin, it helps to protect against premature ageing without the side effect of sensitivity and redness.

The Bakuchiol Smoothing Serum helps to improve texture and smooth fine lines and wrinkles, with the brand calling it a natural plant-based retinol alternative 

One impressed user raved: ‘I use this every night, and my skin loves it – my wrinkles seem visibly reduced. I use it along with the Vit C serum- what a power duo.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘gentle and has dramatically improved my skin texture in just a few weeks. My skin is smoother and softer – with ZERO redness. I am making this a permanent part of my routine.’

A third penned: ‘After using it for a few months, my skin definitely is much smoother and dark spots are a bit lighter.’

For the gift of good skin this Christmas, the two bestsellers, Vitamin C Repair Serum and Bakuchiol Smoothing Serum, can be bought together in a limited edition Day & Night Set so you can enjoy a massive £14 saving. Or you can buy them individually and use the code MAIL15 for 15 per cent off. 

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