Social media users share snaps of cats taking over supermarkets

Feline mischievous! Pet owners share hilarious snaps of cats taking over supermarkets – from guarding a cash machine to napping in the fruit aisle

  • Hilarious snaps show mischievous cats acting like they own the supermarket
  • One cat proved it didn’t give a care in the world as it inconveniently sat on scales
  • While another feline attempted to scale a till to reach the goodies on top of it

Cats are known for their independent spirit but they are equally loved for their weird and playful side. 

And now feline lovers from across the world have shared hilarious pictures of their pets showing they don’t care what anyone thinks by strutting around supermarkets across America like they own the place.

The hilarious snaps, collated by Bored Panda from Twitter account Bodega Cats, include a mischievous kitten who decided to have a nap in between watermelons for sale.

Elsewhere, one cat didn’t seem to care about getting in the way as it sat in the fruit scales, while another naughty kitten who tried to scale a till to reach the goodies.

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the hilarious things that cats decided to get up to in supermarkets and corner shops.

These cats, including one who stood guard of a cash machine, proved they didn’t care what anyone thought as they strutted around supermarkets like they owned the place

The hilarious snaps, collated by Bored Panda from Twitter account Bodega Cats, included a mischievous kitten who decided to have a nap in between watermelons for sale

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Another cheeky feline looked ready to pounce as it took it upon itself to stand guard of the potatoes in one American supermarket

One dedicated cat seemed determined to get some sunbathing in as it impressively managed to scale a tall window sign for a quick peek outdoors

Another determined kitten desperately clung to the edge of a till in an American store after it sneakily tried to scale the worktop without getting caught in the act

Another pampered cat couldn’t have seemed any more relaxed as it sat on its comfy bed in the middle of the aisle – not seeming to care that it was blocking the tea towels and gloves 

Elsewhere, one naughty kitten didn’t seem to care about getting in the way as it inconveniently sat in the fruit scales with a furious expression on its face

One extremely smug kitten left people in stitches as it gave one American customer a very cheeky grin as it irritatingly sat on top of drinks cans

Peek-a-boo! Another hysterical feline was sure to have given customers the fright of their lives after unexpectedly climbing out from below a shelving unit

This huge cat, in an unknown location, seemed to take it upon itself to guard the bags of wood – and no customers would have dared battle with this grumpy moggy

Meanwhile, one adorable tabby decided to make one food shelf its personal playground as it skilfully weaved its way through the tasty treats

Another feline left people in stitches after proving that this American shop really did have 24 hour surveillance by hilariously peeping over to glare at customers 

One fluffy cat was sure to scare customers away from this American supermarket as it waited at the end of the aisle to hilariously stare people down

Elsewhere, another brave cat proved who was boss of this American shop as it had a face-off with a dog on the other side of the glass door

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