After studying architecture for five years, Sofia Elias, the artist and designer behind the Mexico City-based jewelry brand Blobb, was drawn away from the digital world to express herself using her hands, crafting jewelry as miniature sculptures.

“I was really fed up with computers and just wanted to experiment, so I started making these miniature sculptures at home, for myself,” she said, “I received so many compliments I then started to make them for other people and selling them.”

Blobb is a little over a year old, and when Opening Ceremony launched its “Year of Mexico” campaign, Elias’ creations were scooped up to be sold at the retailer’s recently closed store in New York’s SoHo.

Elias mused that her designs come out of her simple need to play and experiment, “I find working with my hands to be both soothing and exciting. I’m constantly exploring new materials and how they interact, mix, and contrast with each other,” she said.

A quick scroll through the brand’s Instagram and the playful world of Blobb presents itself — candy-like rings in neon resins, uniquely shaped floral earrings with brightly hued jewels, and her latest pieces — stacks of colorful bangles that look like youthful strings of Silly Putty. Whimsical and quirky, Elias doesn’t use jewelry molds, preferring to make each piece unique.

Pieces begin at $50 for rings, and stockists include Hi-Bye World in Mexico City, Café Forgot in New York and Maga Archivo in Italy.

Elias says the support she has gotten through social media has really encouraged her. “It feels really nice to see strangers wearing my creations. I was once in a café, and the girls next to me all had my rings and I didn’t know them,” she mused. “It was a really exciting experience!”

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