Student mortified after fake sick note to teacher goes badly wrong

A university student was left red-faced when she emailed her tutor and forgot to mention the reason for her absence in class.

Evie Johnson admitted she was a "terrible student" trying to fake being sicks to skip class, but it didn't go as planned when she made a mistake in writing her email.

Sharing the blunder on her TikTok account, she covers her face and says in subtitles: "Me remembering the time I tried emailing my tutor saying I was ill to get out of class but forgot to add that I was ill in the email."

Then she flips the camera to show her computer screen, showing an email in which she wrote: "Hello, I am really sorry but I woke up this morning so I won't be in the lecture today.

"I will find the PowerPoint on blackboard and look through it at home though. Thank you, Evie Johnson."

The hilarious clip has amassed more than 10 million views since she posted it in March.

Many viewers noticed the mistake and couldn't help but quote it in their comments.

A fellow TikTok user interpreted it as "It appears that I have lived through the night so I won't be attending my classes".

Another commented: "Please I'm in class and I can't stop laughing."

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One pulled up a "throwback" memory and said: "This reminds me of an old Tumblr post where someone meant to say 'Hi Jeffrey I'm afraid we have to cancel" but they just sent 'Hi Jeffrey I'm afraid'."

A third asked: "Okay but did your tutor ever respond?"

Evie replied with a crying and laughing emoji: "Nope."

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