A woman has gone viral after she pretended she was ill in hospital to get the attention from a lad – but was actually at home perfectly fine.

When most people want to get attention from a potential lover, people may post a sexy gym snap or a sizzling hot bikini photo to get that much awaited DM.

But for student Ella, she took it one step further to make sure her crush had all eyes on her.

In a TikTok clip that has racked up 402,000 views, her friend Sadie filmed the moment Ella used some rather unconventional tactics so her love interest gives her a call.

She explained: “Other girls thinking they are psycho. My best mate [is] pretending to be hospitalised so he calls her.”

With her brunette hair tied up in a ponytail and a hospital patient gown to look like she had been admitted, Ella posed for several pictures.

Instead of a hospital, Ella was sitting on a chair next to a fridge in the comforts of what looked like a student flat.

Sadie and a lad watched on as Ella tried to find the right angle for her sickly photoshoot – and they certainly looked baffled.

“There’s crazy, then there’s Ella,” Sadie wrote in the caption.

Despite her unusual methods to get the attention of a want to be flame, many women felt inspired by her tactics.

One person praised: “Queen energy I don’t care what anyone says.”

Another admitted: “I’m taking notes.”

Whilst a third confessed: “Girl me too! I took my hospital dress home so I could do this.”

And, this person noted: “I should keep my hospital gown, might come in handy.”

However, not everyone was so impressed with Ella’s idea to convince the lad to phone.

One user penned: “Red flag factory.”

A second person blasted: “This is a whole new level of manipulation.”

Someone else said: “This is just… sad… I hope things get better for her.”

Meanwhile, a fourth user slammed: “What in the calculated borderline-psychotic controlling coercive manipulation is going on here.”

Let us know in the comments what you think about her tactic – is it clever or is it too far?

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