A tattoo model showed what she looks like with and without makeup.

Briana Todd, who often rocks glamorous makeup in social media snaps, looks just as stunning with minimal cosmetics on.

In the first of her pictures posted to Instagram, the 26-year-old, from Connecticut, US, goes completely bare-faced.

She shows off her natural beauty by wearing a baggy T-shirt and leaving her long black hair un-styled.

Meanwhile, Briana's second image is the total opposite even though she's striking the same pose.

She wears bold winged eyeliner, fluttery eyelashes and red lipstick as she holds up a peace sign in an eye-catching plaid coat.

Fans loved Briana's transformation photos, which garnered 27,100 likes on Instagram.

One commenter gushed: "Beautiful – with and without makeup."

Another swooned: "Why are you so naturally gorgeous."

A third wrote: "You inspire me to feel good both with and without my hair and make-up done. Bless."

And a fourth added: "I dig your natural look."

Briana is an alternative model with 535,000 followers on Instagram.

She often posts pictures of her tattoo transformation online.

Over the last five years, she's completed full sleeves on ink on her arms.

She has dainty designs on her hand, striking patterns on her neck and a bold centrepiece on her stomach.

It's no wonder that fans call her a "walking piece of art"!

Briana isn’t the only Instagram star to undergo an extreme tattoo makeover in recent years.

Tattoo model Amber Luke, from Australia, has covered 98% of her body in ink over the last decade.

Meanwhile, German tattooist Mara Inkperial has transformed herself with bold designs.

You can also read about a burns survivor who celebrates her scars with ink.

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