Leah Messer and ex-husband Jeremy Calvert admit they still love each other during Part 1 of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ reunion special, airing Monday, May 20.

In an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek clip at the reunion special for Teen Mom 2, airing May 20, Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert reveal where their relationship stands today. And based on the clip, which MTV provided to HollywoodLife, it definitely seems like these two could be getting back together. It all starts when reunion moderator Nessa brings up how earlier in the season, Leah and Jeremy’s daughter, Addie, mentioned that she’d like to see her parents get back together. And Nessa wanted to know how Jeremy, specifically, felt about that. “Any thoughts on that?” she asks.

“I don’t know,” he says. So then she asks if he’s single and he says yes. “Yeah, I’m single.” However, then Dr. Drew jokes, “No he’s not. He’s involved with Leah,” and Jeremy starts laughing before he adds, “I was waiting for that.” Leah then takes the opportunity to jump in, saying, “I think this weekend we’ve had fun,” and the entire audience gasps, as “fun” could be interpreted in many different ways, if you know what we mean. “A good choice of words, Leah. A real good choice of words,” Jeremy says sarcastically.

Nessa then asks the audience if they want to see Leah and Jeremy back together, and they all cheer with excitement. She also asks Leah and Jeremy whether or not Addie “fully understands” their current relationship, and Leah says yes. Leah admits that Addie asked if they love each other, and when Nessa presses to find out what they told her, Leah says, “We said, ‘Of course we do. That’s your daddy. And [I’m] your mom. Of course we love [each other]’”.

The Teen Mom 2 reunion special premieres on Monday, May 20. Make sure you tune in to see what else these two might reveal!

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