Meghan Markle ‘controls the narrative’ says Tom Bower

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have stepped out in public a few times this year. For a couple of days in April, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended the Invictus Games, and there were several moments of public displays of affection. Body language expert Darren Stanton commented on their behaviour and revealed the couple’s “tell-tale sign” that suggests they have full “confidence in their relationship”. 

Darren said that when Meghan stepped out with Harry, she was “wearing a true expression of happiness”. 

She was “holding hands with Harry” and together they were “incredibly tactile”. 

The expert said the couple has been “demonstrating a modernisation of the monarchy” especially “on a more personal level”. 

Their appearance at the Invictus Games “suggests Harry and Meghan are clearly a very strong unit together”. 

It also suggests they were “not afraid to show the world how they are very much still in love,” the expert added. 

Darren pointed out a “nice moment” when Meghan acted as her husband’s pillar of strength. 

It was when “they took their seats ahead of the games”, that the expert noted how “nervous” Harry appeared. 

He “displayed a level of anxiety as well as looking slightly emotional”. 

Darren said Meghan “sweetly took his hand to reassure him”, this was her way of offering support “in a non-verbal way”. 

Meghan’s action suggests that despite Harry being “known as a royal, he still has moments where he shows anxiety or lacks confidence” and in those moments he “looks to Meghan to be his rock”. 

Darren said Meghan provides “confidence and self-esteem”. 

The couple were also pictured holding hands, and the expert spoke about how they displayed confidence as they walked. 

Meghan leant into Harry and Darren said this was “a tell-tale sign of the confidence they have in their relationship”. 

But, this wasn’t the “most important and significant” moment of their appearances at the Invictus Game. 

Darren said “the one of Harry and Meghan kissing on stage” was a stand-out moment for him reading their body language. 

“You don’t usually see this kind of intimacy from a royal couple and it’s clear to see the connection between the pair,” he commented. 

“Meghan’s eyes were closed and she was smiling, showing genuine joy and happiness—the same expression is visible on Harry’s face and he and Meghan are touching as they both hold the microphone. 

“This demonstrates that Harry and Meghan feel as strong as ever and there is no question that the pair have a real love for each other,” Darren told Marie Claire. 

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