Tesco has launched an investigation after prankster boasted about switching the packaging for beef and vegetable lasagna.

In the post, an anonymous user wrote that they liked to "switch the cardboard sleeves" on vegetarian and meat lasagnes in  Tesco  "just for fun".

It was shared to Facebook along with a photo of two lasagnes , in which it appears the packaging has been put on the wrong items intentionally, Edinburgh Live reports.

Tesco has launched an investigation into the 'prank', which has now gone viral, with many expressing outrage at the act and warning about the damage it could cause.

On a Facebook group for vegans in Edinburgh and Glasgow, one said: "Should be a criminal offense to do that… someone could die if they eat something they’re allergic to."

Another added: "That's dangerous, what if there's people with allergies and they go swapping packaging. They could kill someone with this stupidity."

Elsewhere, one warned: "Always check the contents of what you're buying and if It's indistinguishable I'd say that's enough to not buy it.

"Buy frozen foods that come in a bag or a sealed cardboard box as it's not easy to change the content."

However, some Edinburgh Live readers saw the funny side of the 'prank'.

Mark Williams wrote on the newspaper's Facebook page: "Of the people who have commented saying it’s absolutely stupid what about people with allergies etc how many of you laughed at the post being shared on Facebook before you became a snowflake because it’s now in the press?

"Have a bloody laugh and stop being so damn serious."

A Tesco spokesperson told The Sun : “We are aware of this Facebook post and are monitoring the situation."

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