Every gourmet restaurant aspires to be included in the list with Michelin Stars. When it comes to fine dining, you cannot surpass the Michelin-rated restaurants since they are graded as the best ones. In the culinary terms, it is a privilege and an honor to be included in the Michelin’s influential guidebook. Being on the list just proves that the level of cuisine and the service at the restaurant is perfect for the most discerning food connoisseurs with the finest palates.

Initially, the Michelin Star recognition was once reserved only for the highest-class restaurants located in Europe which is mainly in London and France. However through the years, the Michelin Star standard branched out across the globe since more and more culinary chefs around the world are presenting delectable appetizers and mouth-watering main dishes at their restaurants. Among the best Michelin Star Restaurants around the world, here are top ten most recommended.

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8 Singapore’s Liao Fan Hong Kong

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Liao Fan Hong Kong is considered to be the best budget Michelin star restaurant. When it comes to affordable yet delectable food, there is no country that can really beat Asia. There are far too many delicious budget cuisines in Asia and Singapore’s Liao Fan Hong Kong is among the best ones. They offer an amazing variety of savory and sweet treats for their customers. The restaurant usually has a long line of hungry people wanting to taste the goodness of their dishes. Their best seller is the delicious Cantonese chicken which is the dish that made them well-known. The restaurant offers an entire meal for only $14.

7 Australia’s Attica

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Attica is considered to be best Michelin star restaurant in Australia. For those who have already experienced tasting food in the cities of Australia, one may think what to expect already however Attica is different. Attica is owned by top Michelin star Chef Ben Shewry. The restaurant features authentic Australian ingredients like pepperberry, lemon myrtle and desert oak wattle seeds which takes the food to a whole new level. They are offering outstanding food which is matched by the perfect wine pairing with exemplary service.

6 Copenhagen’s Noma

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Noma is considered to be the best Michelin star restaurant in Denmark. Noma offers gastronomic sensation to their lovely customers. When they opened in 2003, they are the the most influential restaurant of its time. The head chef of the restaurant René Redzepi as revolutionized the Nordic cuisine when he foraged through Copenhagen’s unique flavors by using un-thought of ingredients. People who eat at Noma will be served with a combination of peculiar dishes offering 20-piece tasting menu which will vary depending on the season.

United Kingdom’s The Fat Duck

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The Fat Duck is considered to be the best Michelin star restaurant in the United Kingdom. The chef of the restaurant Heston Blumenthal turned food into a beautiful journey for their customers. Their menu is thought-provoking and takes the customers into a sensory adventure. When they were established in 1995, the restaurant did not take too long before getting a worldwide recognition. They are among the five restaurants that were given the Michelin star recognition. Chef Heston is innovative with their dishes and has certainly earned the Michelin three star of their restaurant.

France’s Mirazur

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Mirazur is considered to be the best Michelin star restaurant in France. The restaurant is located on the French Riviera where a stunning view across the Mediterranean, Mirazur can be seen. They are a multi-award-winning restaurant who serves their customers the freshest French dishes in a serene and most romantic way possible. Most of the ingredients used at the restaurant are home-grown in the garden of Mirazur which includes rare vegetables and fresh baby salad leaves.

5 New York’s Le Bernardin

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Le Bernardin is considered to be the best Michelin star restaurant in New York. The restaurant offers their customers a classy, seafood dining experience which is worthy of the three Michelin Stars they were given. The restaurant is headed by top Michelin star Chef Eric Ripert who helped Le Bernardin earn 4 stars from the New York Times as soon as they opened. They offer several delightful tasting menus and split the four classic courses into three sections such as Lightly Cooked, Barely Touched and Almost Raw.

4 San Francisco’s Atelier Crenn

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Atelier Crenn is considered to be the best Michelin star restaurant in California. Golden State is the home for some astounding dining experience and that includes the 90 Michelin-starred restaurants however Atelier Crenn has bested them all. The restaurant is not only brimming with a culinary flair, they are also the only restaurant in America that is a run by a female. Dominique Crenn has opened the restaurant in 2011 and they have been getting two stars from Michelin but finally able to earn a three stars the last few years.

3 Belgium’s Bon-Bon

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Bon-Bon is considered to be the best Michelin star restaurant in Belgium. Belgium is absolutely the place for food lovers since they are known for their craft beers, sweet waffles and their rich Belgian chocolate. The cosmopolitan capital, Brussels is definitely a paradise for those who want tantalizing treats and flavors. The city is also not a stranger when it comes to fine dining as they have a lot of restaurants with high-end cuisine. Among them, Bon-Bon offers the customers a wonderful example of a delightful culinary experience.

2 Japan’s Den

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Den is considered to be the best Michelin star restaurant in Japan. The country Japan is known as among the most revolutionary culinary scenes across the world and people flock to the country to try their most delectable cuisines after all, there is so much to Japan than sushi. Across Japan’s capital, Tokyo, there are about 217 Michelin starred restaurants which makes the city having the most Michelin starred restaurants worldwide. Den is run by the award-winning Chef Zaiyu Hasegawa who aimed to deviate Japanese cuisine from the refined yet often repetitive Japanese stereotypes.

1 Lima’s Central

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Central is considered to be the best value Michelin star restaurant. The restaurant is located at the the Peruvian capital, Lima. It is the flagship restaurant of Virgilio Martínez Véliz. They offer customers a 17-course taster menu which is an absolute treat for the senses. They are only sourcing their ingredients locally which give out a delicious flavor to their dishes. Central offers contemporary dishes which takes their guests on a beautiful journey across the rich biodiversity of the country.

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