A SLEEP expert has revealed which sounds help you nod off — and which are best to wake up to.

Hannah Shore, sleep knowledge and research manager at Silentnight, said ocean waves, a crackling fire and the distant buzzing of a fan are among the top 15 sounds that help people to fall asleep.

Whereas hearing a piece of toast being cut or a kettle boiling are most likely to make them rise and shine gently.

It comes after a poll of 2,000 adults found half enjoy listening to white noise to go to sleep or wake them up.

The study, commissioned by Premier Inn, found 26 per cent listen to it every night, with rainfall sounds (40 per cent), music (34 per cent) and the sound of a fan (24 per cent) among the top choices.

The hotel chain has launched Nod-Flix, an ASMR channel where guests can have their optimal video and soundscape play as they drift off.

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Ms Shore said: "Depending on the individual, watching or listening to something calming before bed can be part of our sleep process.

"Different sounds generate different responses from our subconscious when we're asleep, so what might be soothing to one, might not be for another.

"If you're sharing a bed or a room, be considerate and invest in a pair of headphones or why not try finding a sound that you both find soothing?"

The study also found that if they are sharing a room with other people and unable to listen to their white noise, 27 per cent wouldn't be able to sleep properly as a result.

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More than half (58 per cent) normally listen to these sounds or noises on their phone, while 34 per cent tune in via an app.

But 15 per cent even have a sound machine.

Wind sounds (21 per cent), audio books (16 per cent) and a cat purring (seven per cent) also made the list of sounds and noises people like to fall asleep to.

It also emerged half of the adults polled feel their sleep varies depending on the season we're in.

And 57 per cent reckon they sleep the best during autumn or winter, compared to only seven per cent who get the best shut eye over the summer months.

Respondents were shown a number of hotel-inspired ASMR type videos from the Nod-Flix channel, from the kettle boiling to a suitcase being pulled along hard floor.

It found the sound of sizzling bacon was found to be most relaxing, followed by the trickle of running water from the shower.

The study, carried out via OnePoll.com, also revealed the sound of a vacuum was surprisingly least calming.

Ms Shore said: "Switching off does not come as easy to some people as it does others and sounds are a great way to help with this.

"Some people prefer complete silence whereas to others the silence means they listen out for all the little sounds, in a hotel this can be people walking down the hall, doors closing, the lift.

"Others may find they need their brain to concentrate on something else.



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"In these cases there needs to be something in the sounds they can focus on like the slow rhythm of calming music, the repetitiveness of waves lapping on the beach or even the noise of the TV.

"This can allow the mind to switch off from the day and therefore allowing you to fall asleep, which we hope the Nod-Flix channel will accomplish for many."

Top 15 noises to listen to while trying to get to sleep

According to a study of Brits, the most popular sounds to fall asleep to include:

1. Rainfall sounds 

2. Music 

3. Ocean sounds 

4. The sound of a fan 

5. The sound of favourite TV show/ streaming service 

6. Wind sounds 

7. Podcasts 

8. Audio Books 

9. Jungle/forest/woodland sounds 

10. Fireplace sounds 

11. Static sounds 

12. City ambience 

13. Animal sounds 

14. A cat purring 

15. The sound of a vacuum cleaner 

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