Achieving a whiter smile requires the proper tools. In addition to improving your oral-care routine with a whitening toothpaste, investing in one of the best teeth-whitening kits can help enhance your smile in the convenience of your own home.

Powered by professional-grade technology that is both trusted and used by dentists, these at-home teeth-whitening sets are stocked with innovative whitening gel formulas that coat and oxidize the teeth once they come in contact — bleaching them to look anywhere from one to nine shades whiter after completing your treatment. In order to deliver fast results, these kits will oftentimes involve an LED light device, which enhances the efficacy of the system’s whitening gel.

Before buying one of the best teeth-whitening kits, it’s important to ensure that you’ve selected the proper treatment for your teeth. After reading the directions and following the suggested usage, you should also take a look at the bleach concentration, which some experts say should not be higher than 10 percent. Since some popular teeth-whitening kits can damage enamel and cause teeth sensitivity, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve chosen an enamel-safe formula that prevents starting or exacerbating tooth pain and sensitivity. As a general rule of thumb, teeth-whitening kits should be avoided if you have braces, fillings, crowns and other dental restorations, but make sure to consult with your dentist to verify if your teeth are suitable for these treatments.

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Below, explore the best teeth-whitening kits that will help restore your teeth’s natural whiteness and create a brighter smile.

Crest 3D White Whitestrips with Light Dental Whitening Kit

Designed to reduce the appearance of stains, the Crest 3D White Whitestrips With Light Dental Whitening Kit offers a professional-level tooth-whitening experience at home. Fortified with the brand’s LED light device that boosts the efficacy of its whitening strips, users are guaranteed up to 36 months of brightness after completing the kit’s 10-treatment regimen.

Crest Dental Whitening Kit$59Buy Now

AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit

Stocked with an LED light device for faster results, the AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit includes two whitening gel syringes that are each formulated with 35 percent carbamide peroxide and provide 20 treatments. Specially designed to prevent enamel weakening and tooth sensitivity, this kit is perfect for reducing stubborn stains from coffee, wine, soda and smoking and creates a visibly brighter smile after just one treatment.

AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit$60Buy Now

Snow Teeth Whitening Kit

Developed with sensitive teeth in mind, the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit protects your enamel while brightening your smile with its powerful-yet-gentle LED activating technology. Equipped with an ergonomic mouthpiece and four teeth-whitening gels, this top-rated system creates a visibly whiter smile in a nine-minute treatment.

Snow Teeth Whitening Kit$160Buy Now

Glo Science Glo Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device

Powered by dentist-created LED teeth-whitening technology, the Glo Science Glo Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device significantly brightens your smile while helping you maintain optimal oral health. In addition to increasing the whiteness of your teeth by five shades, this innovative system also kills bacteria for a healthier mouth while strengthening your gums.

Glo Science Glo Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device$199Buy Now

Smile Direct Club Teeth Whitening Kit

Delivering six months’ worth of treatments, the Smile Direct Club Teeth Whitening Kit instantly illuminates your smile using the brand’s patent-pending 20-LED accelerator light device and its easy-to-use Bright On teeth-whitening pens. Boasting a dentist-trusted, enamel-safe formula, this top-rated system successfully removes stubborn stains that have been plaguing your smile for years, helping you achieve teeth that are nine shades whiter.

Smile Direct Club Teeth Whitening Kit$40Buy Now

Colgate Optic Teeth White Advanced LED Whitening Kit

Clinically proven to enhance your smile by making your teeth six shades whiter, the Colgate Optic Teeth White Advanced LED Whitening Kit delivers brighter teeth after just one 10-minute treatment. Suitable for those with sensitive teeth, this professional whitening system is gentle enough for daily usage and comes with 10 treatments.

Colgate Teeth Whitening Kit$145Buy Now

iSmile LED Teeth Whitening Kit

With a powerful five-bulb LED light device at its center, the iSmile LED Teeth Whitening Kit is designed to break down and significantly reduce the appearance of tough stains with its whitening formula, which is made up of 38 percent carbamide peroxide. Flavored with mint for a pleasurable experience, this dentist-approved system features three gel syringes that provide 22 treatments and a universal mouthpiece that comfortably fits every mouth size and shape.

iSmile LED Teeth Whitening Kit$50Buy Now

Spotlight Oral Care Whitening System

Creating a simplified at-home teeth-whitening experience, the Spotlight Oral Care Whitening System is comprised of 28 whitening strips, each fortified with hydrogen peroxide for maximum teeth-whitening benefits. To prevent sensitivity and enamel erosion, this kit also features the brand’s Comforting Gum Oil Pen, which features a hydrating vitamin E-rich formula and is designed to be used after your treatment.

Spotlight Oral Care Whitening System$40Buy Now

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