Mediawan Kids and Family’s Method Animation, the prestige animation label behind “The Little Prince,” is set to reboot “Le Manège Enchanté” (“The Magic Roundabout”), the iconic 1960’s French stop-motion animation series.

The new show, whose first season will comprise 52 episodes of 11 minutes each, will be aimed at a pre-school audiences. Founded by Aton Soumache, Method Animation has a stellar track record with reboots of cult franchises, from “Robin Hood” to “The Little Prince,” as well as with original IP’s such as “Miraculous” (produced with ZAG).

Created by Serge Danot in the 1960’s, “Le Manège Enchanté” was a global hit adapted in 30 languages and more than 60 countries, including in the U.K. (under the title “The Magic Roundabout”) by Eric Thompson.

“Le Manège Enchanté,” whose original series spans 500 episodes, became the first global pre-school IP in TV history and is still to date one of the most popular TV brands for children, especially in France and the U.K.

“Le Manège Enchanté” is produced by Camille Oesch, head of originals and international co-production at Method Animation, and co-produced by Magic, a company headed by Jérôme Brizé, who handles the rights for “Le Manège Enchanté” on behalf of the Danot family.

The reboot will bring back Florence, Dougal, Dylan, Brian and all their friends in the magic garden of the roundabout.

Julien Borde, EVP managing director and CCO at Mediawan Kids and Family, said the company had enlisted “two of the most renown preschool specialists, Beth Gardiner (“PJ Masks”) and Jenny Landreth (“Hey Duggee”) to create this updated version of Serge Danot masterpiece.” While characters will be modernized to be in tune with today’s kids, the new series will keep the original’s DNA, explained the executive.

“‘Le Manège Enchanté used to air daily right before the evening newscast and children would watch it before going to bed — it was a beloved tradition,” reminisced Borde. “By reopening the magical roundabout, we aspire to bring back the magic and open an optimistic and playful universe to a whole new generation of children”, added Borde.

Brizé, meanwhile, said the new show will mark the “rebirth of a modern and fresh version of ‘Le Manège Enchanté’ that will speak to today’s generation.”

“Mediawan is a solid partner to bring this IP that is so close to Serge Danot’s heart, and it was one meeting that I had with Aton Soumache and Julien Borde that convinced me this project was a good idea with a wonderful team,” said Brize, adding that “‘Le Manège Enchanté’ is still being broadcasted around the world.

Earlier this week, the company announced the creation of Mediawan kids and family, a new division dedicated to the production and distribution of youth programming.

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