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The Matrix Resurrections officially has a trailer and fans have had a meltdown, as the first film in the saga for nearly 20 years is getting very close to release on December 22.

The nearly three-minute clip is a non-stop excitement-fest packed with action, special effects reminiscent of the 90s epic and puzzling mysteries.

While there were questions galore as to where director Lana Wachowski has decided to go next with the franchise, a couple of major ones remain.

Fan-favourite Morpheus, played by Laurence Fishburne, was absent, but a younger character seemingly fulfilling Neo’s mentor appeared.

And while Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) featured in the clip, she and Neo (Keanu Reeves) had no memory of their all-encompassing love story from the first three films.

As Thomas Anderson, the Matrix’s name for Neo, seemed to be awaking from the dream he’s in, he was then approached by some mysterious figures aiming to get him out of the Matrix.

Yet in another scene, Neo told the Morpheus imposter: “You don’t know me,” which was met with: “No?”

And as viewers were glued to the scenes, thrilled by the references to going down the “rabbit hole”, it seems The Matrix Resurrections will be the film to watch.

“Waiting for Christmas like never before #TheMatrixResurrections #KeanuReeves,” one person commented.

Another exclaimed: #TheMatrixResurrections trailer has left me in a daze. 12/22/2021 can’t come soon enough!!!”

A third person recalled watching the original Matrix films and was excited for the return, saying: “It's happening. #TheMatrixResurrections is coming out and I am going to revel in this period of history where The Matrix is cool again for however long it lasts.”

While a fourth fan was satisfied by the action sequences ahead, as Neo and Trinity were spotted jumping off a building in the final moments of the trailer.

“Omg!!!!!!! #TheMatrixResurrections Trailer has me so hype. It seems like they are going to take movie action to another level like the original did,” they speculated.

“Plug. Me. Back. In. This looks amazing… #TheMatrixResurrections,” a fifth added, followed by: “Trinity is still alive ? A wanna be Morpheus ? The Matrix reset ? Neo fights different ? Hmmm wtf is going on!! #TheMatrixResurrections.”

Not everyone was completely convinced by the concept of the new story though, with some wondering if the trailer hinted Resurrections will be too similar to the very first film.

One fan shared: “Okay don't get me wrong, I am HYPED for #TheMatrixResurrections movie.

“But I cannot get the niggling doubt out of my head since watching the trailer that I'm not that keen on having to watch Neo be woken up to the truth of the Matrix, red/blue pill etc all over again??”

While one said: "I really really really wanted #TheMatrixResurrections #TheMatrix trailer to end with a "Mr. Anderson."

But while many were disappointed with the absence of original Morpheus in the trailer, and the surprising plot twist bringing Trinity back to life, chances are legendary filmmaker Lana will answer those and create more.

Perhaps Morpheus’s involvement has been kept secret at this stage?

Fans will have to wait and see if Neo and Trinity are living in an alternate reality or if the original series was a dream.

“After all these years, to be going back to where it all started. Back to The Matrix,” the trailer finished.

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