The New Moon in Virgo occurs on September 17, and it’s, um, a lot! During this time, our emotions and passions will be heightened. We’ll be leading with our intuition and feelings to the point of ignoring logic and reason.

Taskmaster Saturn and evocative Pluto, which are both retrograde in Capricorn, blend their energies with the New Moon, giving us all a desire to evolve and carefully move forward. But Neptune, which is retrograde in Pisces, adds cosmic ambiguity. Uncertainty and confusion will force us to stand still and reflect, rather than chase our new dreams right away. The Nodes of Destiny will add a karmic dose of realness, making all of our decisions and intentions extra important.

It’s time to grow, bb! The question is: are you actually ready?


Life has been a little stressful lately, to say the least. This luminary is your time to decompress and reset. Don’t push yourself right now. Instead, plan to zen TF out. Light candles and take a relaxing bath. Just chill.


Thinking about taking a virtual cooking class or learning how to sew? This is a great time to pick up a new hobby or take on a DIY project. Your mind and hands will keep stay busy, if you let them. Get creative now!


Work is the last thing on your mind right now—and that’s not a bad thing. Instead of stressing out over emails and Slack, you’re watching the latest season of Selling Sunset in your coziest slippers.


Your friends all tell you how amazing you are, and you know it! But make sure you let your squad know that you think they’re awesome, too. A little love, appreciation, and affection will go a long way.


You’re feeling kind of weird about money right now. Like, you don’t really want to look at your bank account because you don’t want to know how low your balance is. You have a feeling that your luck and your wallet will turn around soon. Trust that it will, but keep to your budget in the meantime.


You’re longing for change and excitement, which is why it’s the best time of the year to step up and evolve your lewk. Invest in a new pair of boots, some cute pajamas you can wear during the day, or a tie-dye sweatsuit for your Zoom happy hour.


You’ve been working hard to achieve all of your goals at lightning speed—but now, you’re burnt out. You’re learning that you have to spend just as much time on self-care as you do chasing your ambitions.


Your friendships are changing, but that can actually be a good thing. Remember, nothing can stay the same forever. We all have to transform in order to grow.


Recent changes at work are causing you tons of stress. All the more reason for you to discuss your role with your boss this week. Schedule a Zoom coffee meeting for a check-in about your responsibilities—and your professional future.


Apologizing isn’t necessarily your strength, especially when you feel like you’re 51% right and 49% wrong. But you’re realizing it’s important to hold yourself accountable. Squash the drama before it starts!


It’s time you let it all out—and yes, by “that,” we mean your feels. You have some resentments building up towards your friends. It may be hard to forgive and forget, but it’s better than holding onto a grudge. Press the reset button and start anew.


You’re head-over-heels right now, Pisces. But rather than falling for someone new, you’re focusing on your relationship with ~yourself~. It’s time you gave your #1 more affection and appreciation. Love yourself!

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