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Like us, our kitties require a bit of nail care. Sure, scratching posts (and *ahem* our couches) can help keep claws fairly manicured. However, sometimes cats need some human intervention to keep scratching to a minimum. But here’s the thing: trimming your cat’s nails is stressful as heck.

Between the scratches and bites, the meows of horror, and your anxiously shaking hands trying to be as precise as possible, the entire chore can be a mess. But thanks to this handy-dandy $8 pair of clippers, all that anxiety can be a thing of the past!

The Cat Nail Clippers by Pet Republique are easy-to-use and super-safe professional nail clippers that make light work of nail trims — even the most anxious, elderly felines in your home won’t mind them. Designed for smaller breeds like kittens, cats, rabbits, puppies, and more, these comfortable clippers offer a safe grip handle and super-sharp curved blades that slice through overgrown nails like butter.

Image: Pet Republique

While these clippers are easy to use, Pet Republique offers a few tips for streamlining the process even more. For example, one tip is to apply baby oil to your cat’s nails to make them more visible. Another is to go through the clipping process slowly and over an extended period of time, especially if your cat’s nails are super long. Cut off a small amount of each claw and then wait a week before clipping again to make sure you don’t clip too far down the nail and hit the quick (the blood supply to the nail)!

With over 20,000 five-star reviews, these little clippers are a staple in thousands of households. One shopper attested to these clippers cutting like butter. “Love these,” they added. “They are easy to use nice and heavy-duty, [unlike] a lot that are flimsy and do not cut the nails.” These cut trough like butter”

Another shopper wrote that these clippers are “elderly-cat approved,” saying, “My elderly cat started having issues jumping onto blankets or the couch — she would get her claws stuck and scream … I just put her on my lap and pet her and slowly did one claw at a time very gently. She can now jump up with me on the couch without any issues!”

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Make manicure day much more enjoyable for both you and your cat and pick up the Pet Republique Cat Nail Clippers while they’re on sale for just $8.

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