Go home everyone attending the 2019 Met Gala who isn’t Lady Gaga. There’s no point. Mother Monster crushed the red (or pink) carpet this year when she arrived in a Russian doll-like ensemble that revealed layer after layer of fabulousness. Her pink, then black, then pink, then black again look lit up social media and had monsters all over the globe hyped to comment on their queen. The Lady Gaga 2019 Met Gala memes that have come out of the event are truly treasures.

Here’s what you need to know going into this: This year, the 2019 Met Gala theme is "camp," and no, I definitely don’t mean sleeping in the wilderness in a tent. The theme came from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s exhibition featuring Susan Santong’s seminal 1964 essay Notes on ‘Camp’. In the essasy, Santong described "camp" as the "love of the unnatural: of artifice and exaggeration . . . style at the expense of content . . . the triumph of the epicene style." To put it in millennial terms, it means extra, aka, Lady Gaga all the freaking way, baby.

Social media is living for/dying for it.

More to come…

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