This £1.42m flat for sale has a Fifty Shades of Grey inspired room

It’s just missing Christian Grey! This £1.42m flat for sale has a Fifty Shades of Grey inspired room with erotic artwork, purple padded door and… a sex chair

  • EXCLUSIVE: The flat is owned by controversial designer and sexual anthropologist Betony Vernon
  • There is a room dedicated to ‘entertaining’, which includes a sex chair and various toys 
  • The flat is in Paris, France, and is for sale for €1.57m, the equivalent of £1.42m 
  • The property is in the centre of the Marais district of Paris, close to cafes and markets
  • Ms Vernon’s products have featured on Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle website Goop, in its ‘dirty weekend sex kit’

It looks like it is part of the set for an erotic film, with its colourful interior design and accessories.

There is a a purple padded door, a Fifty Shades of Grey-inspired room with a sex chair and toys, erotic artwork on the walls, and a ceiling light that’s the shape of a leg.

But far from being just a fantasy, this set-up is most definitely real and can be found in a flat in Paris, France and it could be yours, with artwork and furnishings an optional extra. 

The flat is owned by the controversial designer, sexual anthropologist and author Betony Vernon – and it is on the market via estate agent Vingt Paris, with a price tag of €1.57million, the equivalent of £1.42million.

Erotic tastes: The flat for sale has a Fifty Shades of Grey inspired room with a sex chair and plenty of toys

The agent explained that the flat is ‘discreetly located in the heart of the Marais, on a seventeenth century plant-filled courtyard’, and that ‘every aspect of this apartment is custom-made’.

Ms Vernon has featured on Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle website Goop after the actress and businesswoman included the designer’s product (a pleasure puff ring) in her ‘dirty weekend sex kit’.

Ms Vernon’s products and influence can be found throughout the flamboyant interiors.

The flat includes some pieces from the Italian design house Fornasetti, where Ms Vernon held the role of designer director in the 1990s.

There are also some beautiful rugs and a plethora of unusual accessories that complete the themed boudoir.

Ms Vernon preferred not to reveal the exact location of the flat – hence there are no pictures of the exterior – which can be found on a pretty street in Paris.

The unique interiors include a light hanging from the ceiling that is in the shape of a leg

An entertaining space: There are plenty of accessories throughout the colourful flat

Keeping fit and flexible: The downstairs level has an entertainment space that can also be used as a gym

Pictured: There is plenty of space for storage with these large drawers housed in the downstairs level of the property

Susie Hollands, of Vingt Paris, said: ‘This apartment is situated near Place des Vosges, originally Place Royale, the oldest and one of the most exclusive heritage squares in the city.

‘There are only a few properties in the world that bring this level of custom design to a living space. It’s fair to say the apartment has seen some fabulous parties since it was completely reworked by the owner.’

The flat is spread across three levels with the bedroom and bathroom upstairs and the kitchen and second bathroom on the courtyard level.

The downstairs area is a fully dedicated ‘entertaining space’ and is what makes this apartment stand out.

The agent explains the downstairs area has been ‘expertly re-imagined’ and has played host to ‘some colourful parties, elegant dinners and intimate gatherings over the years’.

The soft touch: The bedroom includes a door, which is padded using purple fabric on one side

In full view: There is some unusual and colourful artwork in the bedroom, which also has a pink ceiling

A dark space: This shower room includes a black loo and tiles with some mirrors

Special attention has been given to the brightly coloured door and the accessories

The flat extends across three levels, with the entertainment space at the bottom and a spiral staircase linking the floors

The flat is in the centre of the famous Marais district of Paris, close to the cafes, markets and shopping district of the sought-after neighbourhood.

It offers a potentially investment opportunity with commercial zoning in the city allowing business usage and short-term rental activity. It’s estimated monthly rental return is approximately €6,500, the equivalent of £5,854, according to the agent.

The agent added: ‘The enviable location, bespoke design and attractive investment opportunity makes this a real one-of-a-kind property. We expect a wide variety of interest from international investors, art lovers and collectors looking for a unique space in the heart of the city.’

The furnishings and artworks are available to buy via separate negotiation. 

Sitting outdoors: There is a pretty outdoor courtyard that can be enjoyed as part of the flat

You’ll need to be flexible to get into this bath that is slotted tightly between two walls

Buying agent Henry Pryor warned that buyers may not only be restricted by their partners but by the law when it comes to owning and living at a home in France.

He said: ‘In these coronavirus days, presumably the now obligatory virtual tour comes with an XXX rating.

‘I look forward to hearing the estate agents patter as she guides us around this bordello although I fear that like most blushing British buyers this will be far too racy for me. 

‘Full marks to the seller for allowing the brokers to make the most of the decoration, it’s certainly going to get pulses racing.”

He added: ‘Some boring points about the actual property – the buyer should check just how much of the contents might be included as without it this chic home would be much less desirable.

‘As we head to Brexit any British buyer will be restricted not just by their partner but by the law as to how much time they will be able to spend living in it – probably just 90 days.

‘It’s not just the furniture that will bring tears to your eyes – the property taxes in Paris include 8 per cent stamp duty, a registration fee of 5.8 per cent plus notary fee of 1 per cent. 

‘Then there is an annual Taxe Foncière which for a second home in Paris is 3 per cent plus a Taxe d’Habitation still paid by a second home owner. 

‘And don’t forget the French wealth tax or Impôt sur la Fortune Immobilière. If you like pain then the French Government can inflict enough to make you weep.’ 

About Betony Vernon

Betony Vernon is a designer, sexologist and author of The Boudoir Bible. She started designing jewellery in 1986 and founded her company in 1995 in Milan, Italy.

Throughout the years she created themed collections featuring various jewellery designs and objects d’art.

Inspired by Betony’s passion for alchemy, the world’s religions, art and eroticism, BV jewels are hand-crafted in 18-carat gold and/or sterling silver, either as one-of-a-kind exclusives or limited editions.

Betony has been teaching sensual wellness and sexual skill salons since the turn of the century.

Playful feathers and accessories can be seen around the unique property 

Different textures: There are more padded walls and metallic surfaces downstairs

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