Just when we thought we’d mastered the art of leg shaving, TikTok comes along to prove us wrong. In a viral clip doing the rounds on the app, one beauty fan has shared her cheap and easy hack for getting the smoothest possible results, and it has transformed our shower regime forever.

While it’s important to use a fresh, kind-to-skin razor every time, TikToker @imanisymone claims that it’s also all to do with how you prep your skin beforehand. She begins by plopping a generous amount of shower gel onto a body brush, before scrubbing the product up and down her legs.

Then, prior to shaving, she goes in with Dove’s Macadamia and Rice Exfoliating Body Scrub, which retails at just £3 here. A mixture of gentle exfoliants and moisturising cream, not only is it designed to buff away dry skin, but it also claims to give a silky, smooth finish.

Another bonus is the scent, but if you’re not keen on this fragrance in particular, you can also pick up the Pomegranate and Shea Butter version at Wilko for £3 here.

Judging by the comment section, Dove’s bargain scrub is already a big hit with beauty fans on the app, with one person writing to the user: “That body polish smells so goodddd.”

Another agrees, commenting: “That Dove stuff is SO good.”

“The Dove body scrub is lush,” a third adds, while a fourth calls it “gorgeous”.

Others appeared more interested in the body scrubber the TikTok used in her video, with one follower commenting: “Where did you get that scrub brush from?”

“What is that brush? I need it,” another adds.

Replying to fans’ comments, the user claims that she purchased her body scrubber from Amazon – but we’ve found a great swap at H&M for just£3.99 here. On the brand’s website it claims that the brush “will clean and exfoliate your skin while also giving you a massage”.

Silicone body scrubbers are also making the rounds on TikTok these days. Considered a more hygienic version of the common shower loofah, these scrubbers hold onto way less bacteria, are easy to rinse and have soft bristles that gently slough away dry, dead skin.

If you’d like to upgrade your shower and shaving routine this summer, consider adding these products to your shopping basket – before they all sell out!


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