This is how Molly-Mae Hague transformed her face – from her teeth and nose to lips and jaw fillers

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Love Island's Molly-Mae Hague has cemented herself into elite influencer status with her viral giveaway that saw millions fill Instagram stories with pictures of LV bags in an attempt to win the ultimate prize.

But even before the competition she already gave away what I would say was the greatest prize… the truth.

In a world full of pressure about the way we should look via social media, many see images of unrealistic expectations of beauty.

Lots of those influencers that have had surgery deny it leaving some young fans feeling dismayed of why aren’t lucky enough to hit the genetic lottery when in truth they have had a helping hand – or needle or scalpel.

So let’s delve into the truth behind Molly-Mae's face from the nips to the tucks and most definitely the wtfs…


When Molly-Mae first burst onto our screens on Love Island one of the biggest talking points were her lips.

Looking at photos it’s clear she had fillers. There was a dramatic change in both size and shape of the lips compared to earlier photos, but one thing that stood out was that filler was noticeable around the outside the lips. This is something called “filler migration”.

When too much filler is placed into lips or injected incorrectly, over time filler moves and builds up outside of the lips.

After much speculation Molly-Mae admitted to using lip fillers. With lip fillers it’s crucial to take a less is more approach and have small treatments in stages to achieve a natural look and avoid the dreaded trout pout.

Chin and jawline

One of the most dramatic changes noted on Molly-Mae's face was the chin and jawline.

The WTF moment: Pictures emerged where her jaw appeared significantly wider and more masculine whilst the chin appeared “pointed”.

Unfortunately this is classically seen when filler is used incorrectly in an attempt to define and reshape a patients jawline.

This was no fault of Molly's, who later said she had had chin and jaw fillers. With her regret of the outcome and the trolling she received on social media she subsequently had the product dissolved.


Molly’s nose did look significantly more streamlined and straight compared to earlier photos BUT despite the rumoured nose surgery I do think this is down to contouring makeup especially as you can note subtle differences in serial photos. With a surgical rhinoplasty these would be consistent.


Looking at Molly-Mae's earlier photos she always had straight teeth but in the more recent pictures we can see they're now larger, much more uniform and even whiter. I suspect this maybe due to composite bonding or veneers as both would give the same similar results.

Molly-Mae's facial transformation is unfortunately only too common now for many young women, but what’s refreshing is her influence and honesty may give many the opportunity to learn from her WTF moments and not to make the same mistakes.

Any treatment surgical or non surgical really needs to be carefully considered by seeking a consultation by an experienced medical professional… and if after that you're still unsure it’s ok to walk away! You have your whole life to decide what is right for you.

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