Tiffany Haddish’s palate knows no bounds! The comedian is the latest subject of Harper’s Bazaar’s food diaries series, and the self-described foodie proved she has some pretty eccentric eating habits.

The 40-year-old’s day usually starts with an atypical breakfast of leftover chicken from the night before (which she reheats in the oven while she showers and “wash my ass”) and a glass of fresh juice made with fruits and vegetables from her garden. Haddish’s juice staples are kale, chard, celery and strawberries, which she eats “right from the dirt.”

When it comes time for lunch, the Like a Boss star often lets the weather dictate what she eats. If she’s in sunny Los Angeles, a trip to Mel’s Fish Shack for some fried red snapper is often in order. Haddish noted she’ll even call the owner of the restaurant to ensure that her meal is hot and fresh when it gets picked up.

Since The Last Black Unicorn author acknowledged she’s not herself when she’s hungry, snacking is an integral part of her day. “I turn into a different person when I’m hungry. It’s not my fault either, I’m a nice person,” she explained. “But it’s the parasites inside of me. When they are hungry and they don’t eat, they take over my mind and I’m pretty mean to everybody.”

The cure? An apricot with an almond in the middle, or another one of Haddish’s favorite snacks — dill pickles.

However, the Netflix star doesn’t just eat a pickle on its own. Instead, she likes to take a bite out of the top of the cucumber and stick a Now and Later, Jolly Rancher or peppermint candy in the middle. While the combination might be cringeworthy to some, Haddish declared it “so damn good” and called out the “delicious flavors to savor.”

Haddish added: “It feels like success!”

Given that her palate can handle something as adventurous as pickles and candy, it’s no surprise that the Night School star has an array other interesting food combos, such as Doritos and Fritos mixed together with chili, jalapeños and cheese and kale salad topped with Jolly Rancher juice.

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