Transgender Lotto winner Melissa Ede has passed away suddenly at her home aged 58.

The eccentric millionaire worked as a taxi driver before buying the winner scratch card in December 2017 and pocketing £4million.

She had spent years bidding for fame, going on Britain’s Got Talent, Judge Rinder and Jeremy Kyle – twice.

Our reporter Lucy Thornton, who interviewed her several times, has spoken about what she was really like.

She had dreamed of being famous and finally achieved it, however briefly.

I met Mel at a press conference to announce her win, when she sashayed in like a superstar.

Arms aloft, she sang “Mayo, maaaay-yo”, referencing her Mayo Mel nickname for her bizarre videos in which she hung objects from her chest, including mayonnaise.

I roared with laughter, as I did every time we met. She had a gift for humour. I recently asked if she regretted those videos. She didn’t, saying: “I’m not going to change just because I’m a millionaire!”

I admired her for this and how she created such joy around her, despite daily battles with haters.

She had death threats and constant abuse about her looks and gender op. But she took it in her stride, with new teeth and a new smile.

She’d told me how she hoped the new look would also get her on Celebrity Big Brother or I’m a Celebrity.

To give Mel the last word, she said: “When I go to my grave I want to hope and pray people look up and say, ‘My God, she showed the world’.”

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