UNDERCOVER and P.A.M. pick up from their 2011 Black Mass Lamp with the new Skull Lamp. Combining the worlds of fantasy and romanticism, Jun Takahashi and P.A.M.’s Misha Hollenbach & Shauna T relay the message that while the skull is typically associated with death and evil, the skull also houses one of the greatest and most powerful tools — the mind.

The lamp features a skull resting on a hand with the lights found in the skull’s eyes along with the dimmer switch. This home accessory can either be mounted to a wall by the wrist of the lamp or can be placed on any surface. Part of a capsule collection, this release will also be dropped with a silver necklace with red-ruby eyes, hoodies, and T-shirts.

Look for the Skull Lamp to drop September 25 online with a third special colorway set to be announced later this week.

In other design news, Japan’s life-sized Godzilla statue is starting to take shape.
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