Unimpressed woman lives beside sax player who practices same song for months

A woman has shared what it is like to have a saxophone player living next door who is practicing one song for months.

It is not easy for musicians to practise their instruments at home if they are living in flats or homes with no sound-proof facilities.

And especially during the pandemic where everyone is stuck at their homes, they are stuck with plenty of time to practise but nowhere to play.

Lindsay, posted a video on Twitter to share her experience of listening to Pink Panther for hours.

She wrote: "For months I lived next to a sax player who would quite literally not stop playing the Pink Panther theme song."

She closed her eyes as the familiar tunes come through the thin walls.

Sometimes, she raises her eyebrow when she hears the same music again.

In the compilation clip, Lindsay mentioned that the budding musician has been playing from late morning for two to three hours.

One of the segment shows the player is still practising as late as 10:30pm back in May.

The clip has been viewed more than 2.5 million times, but it stirred debates in the comments.

One shared a similar experience, saying: "I feel this. My old neighbour played Flight of the Bumblebee on the xylophone for 7 hours every Sunday."

Another wrote: "It’s like a time lapse of your sanity slowly slipping away."

But some said the musician is clearly practising the song to perfect.

One said: "I can't tell if you all are being sarcastic or you genuinely don't understand what's happening here – a new musician learning to play."

"Learning to play an instrument is NOT the same as playing music solely for listening pleasure," a second added.

"Musicians need to practice and they have to start somewhere."

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