Unwanted Christmas gifts sold on eBay – and some presents are still wrapped up

UNGRATEFUL Brits have started selling unwanted gifts on eBay – and some presents are still wrapped up.

The gifts have been listed under "unwanted Christmas gifts" on the auction website.

Presents being flogged include beauty products, thermal socks, slippers, reusable water bottles, clothing, games and even boxing gloves.

While other gifts have been put for sale without evenbeing unwrapped.

One seller said: "I do not know what is in it as like I have said, I don't want it and have no opened it..

"Thank you and I hope whoever buys this can enjoy it.".

The item which is wrapped in silver paper is currently selling for £63 and has over 38 bids.

Another said: "Its a long story the gifts are from someone I no longer want to be in contact with!!. Let's just say crazy person!!

"We now don't talk but the gifts were given before the fall out! Hope the gifts will be appreciated by some one else as I don't want them."

The listing shows three items wrapped up in gold wrapping paper, which has 13 bids and is currently at £19.

If you're scouring online to find unwanted bargains then you need to follow simple sales shopping rules.

The key to getting a bargain is only buying and item you really wanted in the first place – otherwise you're spending money needlessly.

Remember to check the price of the item online before you commit to a bid, otherwise you could end up paying over the odds.

Online selling rules mean sellers must describe the item correctly – but if the item is still wrapped you could end up buying something you don't want, or worse, an empty box.

Shoppers should also note that if you're buying through an auction website like eBay or elsewhere then you don't get the warranty or guarantee that a shopper would from a retailer.

However, you are entitled to a refund if the item isn't as described or is damaged when it arrives.

Last year, The Sun wrote about how unwanted gifts appeared on eBay just hours into Christmas day.

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