DEAR DEIDRE: MY dad wants me and my brother to meet his new girlfriend but we want nothing to do with him now.

He bullied Mum and controlled what she did.

One day he stood there and told us all he was seeing two other women.

He left Mum with no money and hasn’t shown any interest in us since he left.

Now he’s found someone well off so he can enjoy all the things that he wants.

I’m a boy of 14 and my brother is 12.

We have no respect for him but we don’t want Dad to blame Mum when we’ve made up our own minds we don’t want to go.

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DEIDRE SAYS: I understand how angry you must feel with your dad. He has let you and your brother down.

Do you think he is trying to make a fresh start and have a better relationship with you and your brother?

If you think this is possible and would be willing to give him another chance, you can talk to Childline in confidence about creating a plan to meet your dad’s new partner (, 0800 1111).

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