Keltie Knight‘s feelings about Jake Gyllenhaal are complicated.

The LADYGANG member teases an ongoing tiff between herself and the actor in this clip from Thursday’s Daily Pop. Keltie doesn’t reveal too much about her qualms with Jake during the appearance, though she, Jac Vanek and Becca Tobin swear we’ll hear the saga in full when LADYGANG’s new episode premieres this Sunday. For now, though, here’s what we do know.

“I have a love-hate relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal,” Keltie starts, not long after co-host Justin Sylvester asked the women which one of them is “most likely to say something they regret” on-air. “It’s probably not great for my career to mention the story of why I dislike Gyllenhaal,” she continues. How come? “I’ll probably get murdered by Hollywood publicists.”

Hopefully that’s not the case though, since Keltie promises she already “went into great detail” about the Gyllenhaal thing when they taped this week’s LADYGANG show. Until then, we do know one thing for sure: Her issues with Jake are not about his sister. 

“Is it because of Maggie?” Justin asks in the clip, to which Keltie quickly and emphatically replies “it has nothing to do with her.”

“It’s just her and Jake’s beef,” says Becca.

“It’s just cause he was kind of mean to her,” Jac chimes in.

Any theories? Hear Keltie’s cryptic teaser—and find out why she’s the reason “they have gates to separate the press” on red carpets now—in the clip above! 

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