Out of all the gorgeous-skinned celebs going makeupless on the ‘Gram, I’ve always had a soft spot for Kylie Jenner’s natural complexion. Something about her youthful glow and that sprinkling of freckles is just so darn cute, so I was beyond eager to see what’s in Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Skin line when she first announced her new endeavor. Kylie Skin is to be a totally separate entity from Kylie Cosmetics, with its own new website and everything, similarly to how Jenner’s sister, Kim Kardashian West, separates KKW Beauty and KKW Fragrance. However, there are some similarities between Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin, the top two being consistently cute packaging and much more reasonable prices than I’d expect from the Kar-Jenner clan. Like, I might buy every single product. For research purposes, of course.

Right now, there isn’t much to see on the Kylie Skin website beyond an email sign-up list, so the brand’s Instagram account is the place to be to get the scoop. The account is already close to hitting their first million followers, with 988 thousand fans and counting at time of publication, so yeah, it’s safe to say these products are going to be a hit.

I dare you to find a beauty flatlay posted after May 22 that doesn’t have a Kylie Skin product in it. It’ll be an impossible task:


For real, though — these bubblegum pink tubes and bottles are about to be everywhere. Not only are they cute and Jenner-approved, but they’re also not nearly as expensive as I originally expected. No, they won’t go for drugstore prices, but they’re also not outrageously priced, so I’m cool with the happy medium.

The brand’s debut will consist of six products, priced between $20 and $28:


According to the Kylie Skin Instagram account, the line consists of the Foaming Face Wash for $24, the Walnut Face Scrub for $22, the Vanilla Milk Toner for $22 — Doesn’t that just sound so luxe? My top pick, for sure. — the Vitamin C Serum for $28, the Face Moisturizer for $24 and the Eye Cream for $20. To buy all six products as a set, the bundle is priced at $125, which saves shoppers about $15. Not too shabby!

Like I said, Kylie’s makeup-free selfies alone are enough to have me buying that bundle the second it drops:


Her complexion is so glowy that it even enhances her full-face makeup looks. Check out that healthy radiance even the best highlighter can’t mimic:

I love a well-moisturized, skincare savvy queen! And of course, her fans are feeling the new brand, too. "kylie invented glowy and healthy skin – she will change our skin care routine forever?" wrote one thrilled follower, another declaring, "Kylie on top of the world ! She ain’t playing games." There were a few questions about whether or not the brand would be cruelty free (It is!) and affordable (Reasonably so, I’d say.) in the comments section on Instagram, as well as more than a few concerned skincare-lovers voicing concerns about the Walnut Face Scrub. "It’s said that walnut and pecan pieces in skin scrubs can cause micro scratches that damages the skin…," wrote one commentor, whose unease many others echoed. "can you give some insight on how your walnut scrub product will be?" the follower asked.

Kylie Skin’s response, though, was that their formula would be A-OK:

"The scrub is formulated with a finely ground down walnut powder, that does not scratch," the brand wrote back, assuring followers that "the exfoliation is lighter than a typical walnut scrub." There you have it! If you plan to put the Walnut Face Scrub and the rest of the new launches to the test yourself, you can snag them when they drop on May 22.

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