The New Year is here! Let us rejoice, feel hopeful, and optimistically declare that in 2022 we will become the best versions of ourselves.

A key part of this grand stance is, of course, the tradition of New Year’s resolutions.

But as you will have learned from last year (and the year before, and the year before that), these annual vows have a nasty habit of falling by the wayside by February.

Why are New Year’s resolutions so likely to fail?

Where are we going wrong?

Can we actually make our pledges stick? How?

We asked the experts to answer these key questions, as part of our regular Better Living series. Here’s what they said.

Why is it so hard to keep New Year’s resolutions?

‘Ultimately, New Year’s resolutions are about change, more specifically, behaviour change,’ Taslim Tharani, a psychologist, coach, and the founder of Thriving Together.

‘What we know from decades of psychological research is that behaviour change is actually incredibly hard and before we know it, we are back to our default and habitual ways of being.

‘There are a lot of psychological reasons why behaviour change is so challenging and therefore why we struggle to stick to New Year’s resolutions…’

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